ARK Fjordur: Ultimate Survivors Guide

Published: 19 Jun 2022
Want to learn how you can survive in ARK Fjordur? Check out this guide to find out!

ARK Fjordur is the newest DLC which includes the Fjordur map. In this map, players will encounter a ton of new mobs, unique creatures, mini-bosses, and even great bosses that will be part of some missions for the game. Knowing how to defeat all of these creatures will require you to know how to properly survive. Surviving and planning strategies in this game are essential for completing events.

This guide will show you the best ways to survive in ARK Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur: Ultimate Survivors Guide

Map Overview

At the beginning of the game, it’s best to start on Vaneland at the place where you can find the shipwrecks at either 40.6, 43.8, or 60.0, 87.8 coordinates.

There are going to be many boxes to break and find some metal pikes, hatchets, pickaxes, and crossbows as well as some early metal and spoiled meat. This will keep you surviving long enough to level some fortitude and craft armor.

Of the three realms, Asgard is the most inviting with plenty of wide fields, plateaus, and a great spawn for Andrewsarchus taming, one of the four brand new creatures.

Vanaheim is by far the most scenic, overshadowed by the great tree that you can from the Mainland and home to many aberration variants and a poison wyvern cove.

Jotenheim is perhaps the ultimate test for any survivor. Reaching temperatures below 50 degrees makes it barely liveable with almost every point into fortitude with quality for gear and an utter for insulation. It holds the obligatory snow variant creatures as well as ice wyverns.

Base Location

Deciding on a base location, you are spoiled for choice. Deciding on whether to take a pre-built castle, village, or ruin. There is also Aggersburg Stronghold, a wonderous plateau overlooking the broken meadows at coordinates 55, 73.

Overlooking the freezing mountains the Fjorkberg Stronghold at coordinates 21, 18 is again a similar plateau with an epic bridge leading towards it.

The Shimmering Halls at 08, 62 is one of the most epic non-artifact caves on the map. It’s full of handy shop style rooms and giant dwarven tools.

The most epic location of any Lord of the Rings fan though is Vierheimer at 82,21 looking like the mines of Moria with an epic hall tomb of the fallen and mine filled with more metal that you could imagine.

If an Alpha triband’s looking to dominate the entire cave, with the bonus of one singular entrance is the cave at 28.6, 39.9, a huge area to lock down and make your whole base with more space than you could ever need.

At 18, 91 you’ll find the utter ruins full of utter statues praising the gods, but with a convenient cave tucked just behind it, a great spot for any smaller PvP tribes.

The Lunar cave is a great choice for PvP, owed to its sea entrance at 86.4, 98.2 leading to a tight zero gravity tunnel, opening out to a huge area brimming with metal, light, pets, and special outside zones allowing you to build some incredibly defensive bases within.

The truly fantastic choice for PvP especially owed to its sea entrance, vertical scale, and spacious area is the Labyrinth entrance at 71.9, 00.9.

More for the role play community, you’ve got a lovely small village at 69, 05, full of buildable small houses and breathtaking scenery surrounding as well as veggies incredibly close by to get you started without any crap plots.

Perhaps the best role play area is the village of Erebor found on Asgard with many spacious houses to build in on a slight rise very close to the terminal for traveling and not far from Andrewsarchis spawns.


The resources on the map are plentiful, you just need to know where to look. You can get some handy spoiled meat and scrap metal off the shipwreck ruins along the beach. The metal is truly all over.

Paste is on the beaver dam list with a nice selection of large dams boasting it by the bucket load in a variety of areas with one at 13.2, 19.2, another at 48.3, 73.6.

Crystal isn’t too far away from most metal spawns, however, a great choice is the aberration cave at 56.5, 84.6 brimming with ii as well as hand harvestable plants, and right next to those harvestable rocks, the all-important nameless venom, red gems, and some blue gems with a higher quantity of that special blue in the mines of Moria.

Obsidian can be found in small clusters near most metal spawns with a notable spot above the Forberg at 31.9, 67.4, but naturally, the volcano is brimming with plenty traditionally near most lava pools and rivers.

Speaking of volcano, its oil fields are full of the same resource via harvestable rocks at 77.7, 80.9, as well as plenty of pump locations with a large quantity of sulfur just across from it.

In the same location, you’ll find plenty of mantis ready to be harvested. Back to the volcano, there are plenty of fire wyverns, rock elementals, and magma swords. The entrance at 96, 81 will take you to an abundance of both black pearls and element shards.