ARK Fjordur: Space Biome Guide

Published: 22 Jun 2022
Check out the Space Biome in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur is a new DLC expansion map of the game including a lot of new areas to explore and many new items and materials to loot. There are a few biomes in the game, each with a specific geography, animals and trees around, and the type and amount of the resources, but nothing is looking better than the hidden Space Biome which can be your next amazing area for your base.

In this guide, we will show you the Space Biome in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: Space Biome Guide

The space biome is pretty well hidden in ARK Fjordur. The path going to the entrance of the biome starts at the right bottom corner of the map, at the coordinates LAT: 86.1 LON: 97.1.

From this exact location, you can enter the area by jumping in the water. Fall down deeper in the water and you will notice a passage going underground. Go down through the passage and you will come to another zone.

It looks like nothing is down there, but there is a little sneaky area that looks like a portal to another area. Make your way and pass through the portal which will bring you to the space cave.

Once you enter the space cave, you can continue floating through the beautiful cave with amazing views until you enter the massive open space room at the bottom of the cave.

It’s like all the other biomes, but it has the coolest views, with many light pets around and gorgeous trees spread all around the area. This is one of the best locations in the entire game, and it could be your next amazing place for your base.

There are a total of 3 separate space areas that are connected with a glassy wall where you can pass through.

In this area, you can do exactly everything that you do in the other areas and biomes, the trees are everywhere, the amount of resources is huge and everything looks so cool.