ARK Fjordur: Secret Base Locations

Published: 15 Jun 2022
Check out some of these hidden base locations in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur is the newest DLC for ARK Survival. In this DLC there is a brand new map, new features, new creatures and some hidden areas have been added to this game. A few hidden bases have been found during all of these adventures.

This guide will show you some of the hidden base locations for ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: Secret Base Locations

Location 1

In the image presented below, you will find an entrance to a cave that has a portal room inside. The entrance of the cave has the following coordinates:

  • Latitude 40.5 – Longitude 57.5

Location 2

In Vanaheim you will also be able to find an entrance to a cave. Head to these coordinates:

  • Latitude 29.9 – Longitude 67.8

Once you reach this area, fly up to where the sky box is and you will locate the hidden area where you can build your base. This area is high and small. Meaning that breeding dinosaurs will be hard, but getting away from tribes and living peacefully will be great!

Location 3

The next coordinates for the next hidden base location will be:

  • Latitude 00.0 – Longitude 73.5

This will be located on the northeast side of the map. Getting to these coordinates will lead you into a large cave that has a ton of space for you to build. This is a 1-way cave, meaning that defending it from different tribes is going to be much easier.

Location 4

The next spot on the list will be at the next coordinates, they are:

  • Latitude 13.5 – Longitude 50.3

This will be a large cave entrance that has its own water supply and is also a 1-way entrance, meaning that it can also be easy to defend against enemy tribes.

Location 5

The next hidden area that you can use to build a base will be located in these coordinates:

  • Latitude 11.3 – Longitude 75.7

This area is located on the northeast side of the map, the area is a decent size to build a base, and it also is great because it has natural metal spawns that you can use for future builds.