ARK Fjordur: Rock Drake Location

ARK Fjordur has recently come out publicly to the community. In this DLC, you can find a ton of new items, and creatures and even explore different areas that can be part of missions. Knowing the Rock Drake Spawns in this game will help you obtain more resources and become stronger as you progress through it.

This guide will show you the spawn location for the Rock Drake in ARK Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur: Rock Drake Location

The first thing to do for your journey is take the yellow portal which will take you to Asgard and locate the purple forest area. The purple forest area can be found just after the penguin statue past the mountain that you see in that direction.

You will need to make your way to this specific location on the map where you will find an entrance to a cave.

The longitude and latitude of the cave are:

  • Latitude = 41.8
  • Longitude = 49.2

NOTE that you need to wear a “Hazmat” suit in order to survive this area as it is radioactive.

After you are ready for entering the cave, make your way down the tunnel until you reach a giant opening.

This cave will be filled with Invisible Rock Drakes. These rock drakes will be just roaming around the area, feel free to either try to tame them or attack them for extra materials.

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