ARK Fjordur: Maewing Spawn Locations

ARK Survival Saga comes with a new DLC release ARK Fjordur, featuring four new creatures for you to collect, and also contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, many rewards and treasures to explore, and amazing new challenges. The game is full of many hidden locations where spawn the amazing animals that you might find for many purposes. If you are looking for the Maewing Spawn locations, you are on the right place.

In this guide, we will show you the Maewing Spawn Locations in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: Maewing Spawn Locations

The first location where Maewing spawn on the map is at the coordinates: LAT: 21.9 LON: 93.3. It’s in the upper left corner of the map.

This is a pretty good spot to find many of them roaming around the trees on the ground. The area looks like a redwoods kind of biome.

At the same location, you can find a small lake, and inside the water might be a few of them swimming around.

The second main spot where you can find Maewing is at the coordinates: LAT: 28.4 LON: 83.4.

This is still in the redwoods forest. There is a small lake where they can be found swimming in the water.

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