ARK Fjordur: How To Tame Fjordhawk

Published: 15 Jun 2022
Let’s find out How to Tame Fjordhawk in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Survival Saga comes with a new DLC release ARK Fjordur, featuring four new creatures for you to collect, and also contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, many rewards and treasures to explore, and amazing new challenges. Fjordhawk is a flyer that can be tame in the game. It’s the newest pet to the new Fjordur DLC map, and its ability to carry and retrieve your items makes him special.

In this guide, we will show you How to Tame Fjordhawk in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: How To Tame Fjordhawk

Before you start to tame Fjordhawks, you must find one first. The Fjordhawks spawn randomly on the map, but there are a few specific areas where you can find them more frequently.

Once you find them, it is pretty simple to tame them. Before you start to tame them, you have to:

  1. Find a large animal, the higher level or bigger is better. Also, if you can find multiple animals it’s even better.
  2. Kill the animals that you found. Don’t harvest the corpse.
  3. Make sure the Fjordhawks are nearby, then they will swoop down and start eating the corpse.

With this process, the Fjordhawk’s taming bar will fill up. That’s why the animal has to be bigger for the Fjordhawks to eat more and stick around for their taming bar to fill up faster.

If you have killed multiple animals, they can move from one corpse to the next, which makes it advantageous to have multiple animal corpses around to keep the Fjordhawks taming.

Once the Fjordhawk is tamed they will get few abilities such as mark corpses, mark item cache, pick up bags, retrieve the player’s body bag if they die, and acts as a backpack.