ARK Fjordur: How to get the Best Start

Published: 20 Jun 2022
Head over to this location for the best starting point on Fjordur!

Ark Survival Evolved has recently received a new update that adds a new region called Fjordur with plenty of new creatures, resources and areas to explore. In this guide, we will tell you the best starting location in Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur: How to get the Best Start

The best starting location in Fjordur is at the extreme right corner of the map at the coordinates 45 Latitude and 98 Longitude.

Here you will come across plenty of giant bee honey as well as the Andrewsargus creatures to help you get around the island.

These Andrewsarguses are easy to tame and there is no level requirement needed to make them your pet.

There is also a beach nearby where you can harvest the crates which contain metal tools including hatches, pickaxes, crossbows and pikes.

You also get access to some cooked meat and scrap metals to help you craft your own tools.

By using these resources, you will be easily able to craft your weapons and resources to get a kick start on exploring Fjordur.

That’s it, now go ahead and start exploring Fjordur by heading to the above location!