ARK Fjordur: All 7 Bosses Guide

June 19, 2022
Check out All 7 Bosses of Ark Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur is the newest DLC that has been released for ARK Survival. In this DLC, there is a brand new map called Fjordur, and in this map you can find 7 different bosses. All of these bosses are unique and can give you great rewards once you have them killed. Knowing the bosses before encountering them will surely give you an upper hand and defeating them will be much easier.

In this guide, we will show you All 7 Bosses of Ark Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: All 7 Bosses Guide

Skoll and Hati

They spawn together when you fight them, and their location is in Asgard. Both of them look so cool, and when you ride one of them, you can jump very long distances. Skoll has an ability to burst out into flames, and Hati can spawn Fenrir wolfs.


The next boss is Beyla who can be found in the main world. Beyla is a giant bee and looks very beautiful and scary in same time. You can’t ride it when you force tame it which would have been cool if you could ride it around and fly.

Beyla is a very poisonous insect and you have to be very careful with her. We recommend using megatheriums to fight with this boss.


Steinbjorn is a big frozen rock bear. It looks massive and you can’t use some attacks on it because it has such bulky armor. You should find a workaround to defeat this boss. Also, you can spawn this boss with 30 rune stones which is not so hard.

You can ride it, and his special attack is a whirlwind of sorts with spikes and rocks.

Broodmother Lysrix

To be able to fight this boss, you have to defeat the previous 3 that we mentioned earlier in order to get the relics and start the fight.

This boss looks very scary and intimidating. You can ride on it and shoot out webs, and it also has poison balls. As usual with insects, you should use megatherium to fight this spider boss.


This is a huge gorilla boss. His attacks are ground pounds, and it will do its legendary rock throw that deals tons of damage. Also, you can ride this boss.

Dragon Boss

He is located in a wonderful little village in Asgard. It looks pretty cool and does a breath fire. To be able to fight this boss, you must defeat the first 3 bosses that we mentioned earlier.


This is the final boss in Ark Fjordur. It’s in alpha difficulty. It has a lot of the same attacks that many of the bosses have. It has the same Steinbjorn ability, the laser beam out of its mouth like Skoll and Hati.