Apex Legends: New Ranking System

May 14, 2022
You came by at the right time to see what is happening with the new ranking system in Apex Legends.

Season 13 has been released, and with that came a lot of new features such as weapon and pickup balances, a new legend, and most importantly the rework of the ranking system and how it works. In this article, you are going to find out what are the major changes and why.

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Apex Legends: New Ranking System

The ranking system in Apex Legends has been reworked and the rework intends to make it revolve around teamwork and winning whilst also counting in kills.

It seems this change has been made to make competitive gameplay feel like ALGS games rather than normal public lobbies.

The Changes

First of all, they have added the all-new rookie rank. The rookie rank is reserved for first-time players, no pre-existing accounts will get a rookie rank. The lowest rank for players that have played before this change is bronze.

The rookie rank is simply for brand new players and/or new accounts.

Even though the rookie rank is for new players this change adds a 15 RP entry cost for bronze. What this means is that all the tiers cost extra RP to play in.

The Apex Predator Rank has also seen some changes. Once you get to Master the RP cost increases by 5 for every 1000 RP above the threshold of Master up to a maximum of 175 RP.

Every rank tier’s threshold has been increased to 200 RP.

Tier Demotion has also been implemented. What this means is that you can get demoted from your current rank, you do get demotion protection, but only for 3 games when you get promoted into a higher tier.

When Demoted you lose progress up to half of the previous rank. What this means is that if you get demoted from Diamond 4 you will drop to half of Platinum 1.

There’s also a bonus of 100 RP every time you enter a new rank.

The Gained Rewards are not lost when demoted.

Earning RP

First of all, the addition of getting RP from Teammates’ kills. What this means is that when you miss out on assisting a kill that your teammate has gotten you still receive 50% of the value of that RP, but to receive the RP you must be alive when the kill is committed.

You still receive placement RP. 1st place is a 125 RP reward. The minimum reward is 5 RP which you receive by landing between 11th and 13th place. There’s a new change when you finish between 5th and 3rd place, now you receive 15 more RP for these positions.

Assists have also been reworked, you now have a window of 15 seconds for an assist to count. Previously this window was 10 seconds long.

Another change is when the enemy you help get knocked is revived and then instantly knocked and/or killed after getting revived, you are still eligible to receive an assist.

The Final Change in the RP system is how the Assist and Kill RP (KP) work. The KP cap has been removed, the RP you receive by kills and assists is associated with the placement you have earned, so the higher you place the higher RP you gain.