Apex Legends Mobile: How To Open Vaults Doors

Apex Legends Mobile is a newly released mobile game, the game features the same gameplay mechanics of Apex Legends itself. One of the older maps from the previous seasons have had implemented vaults into the game. These vaults hold amazing utilities, weapon attachments, and purple or yellow armor pieces.

This guide will show you how to open Vaults in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile: How To Open Vaults Doors

When you jump into a game, you will have access to 3 different vaults. These vaults are locked and require a vault key to be opened.

There is nothing else that you can try in order to get inside.

Vault keys can be found in big balls that are being held by flying drones in the air. It’s important to know that a Vault Key is labeled with a red color. On a flying ball you will see different colors, and sometimes you will also find a red color.

The red color means there is a vault key inside the ball. To obtain it, simply shoot the ball and it will drop down on the ground and give loot.

When you obtain the vault key, you will automatically get 3 different locks on the map that are locked vaults.

The person with the vault key in his inventory can walk up to the locked doors and unlock them.

And just like that, you can enjoy all the goodies in the vault in Apex Legends Mobile!

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