Apex Legends Mobile: Best Weapons To Use

May 5, 2022
Check out the best 5 weapons for Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile has a lot of different weapons that the player can choose from. These weapons are all sorted by the type of ammo that they consume, there are: heavy ammo, light ammo, energy ammo, sniper ammo, and shotgun ammo. Every weapon is balanced on its own and they are all great once learned how they work.

This guide will show you the best 5 weapons that beginners can use for Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Weapons To Use


This weapon consumes Light Ammo and is a great assault rifle that beginners can use. The weapon has great reload speed and low recoil.

The weapon works perfectly with any type of weapon attachment. This weapon is also good for long-range fights and close-ranged fights.


This interesting weapon is using heavy ammo. A weapon that is similar to the R-301. The Flatline has big recoil, but with a regular stock weapon attachment, it can delete enemies instantly.

The weapon works well in long-range, perfect in close-ranged fights.

Charge Rifle

This sniper rifle uses sniper ammo and fires a laser beam out of its pipe, this sniper is great for beginners as it damages almost anything it touches even with low numbers, but once the final charge hits, it destroys enemies.


This shotgun has the ability to rapid-fire shells and damage enemies easily, if a player manages to hit all pellets in the opponent, it will guarantee a knock.

The weapon itself is great without any attachments, slap a Shotgun Bolt to make the fire rate higher and you will have a killing machine in your hands!


This great weapon uses energy ammo. The weapon charges itself firstly and begins firing at enemies. The Havoc assault rifle has thicker bullets and can mow down enemies much easier.

Havocs can be equipped with turbochargers and make the charge phase of the weapon be removed to make it much stronger, with a standard stock slapped, it will stay calm and not move a bit.

These are the best weapons that beginners can use in Apex Legends Mobile.