Apex Legends Mobile: All Fade Abilities

May 12, 2022
Check out all Fade abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile version of Apex Legends and has an earlier patch than the original game itself. They have just recently put the Fade Legend live for all players and she is a great asset to the battlefield. She has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. With some great team communication and a good strategy, you can become an Apex Champion with Fade easily.

This guide will show you all the Fade abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile: All Fade Abilities

There has been a leak floating around the internet about Fade being played in an Apex Legends Mobile game.

Passive Ability

Fade’s passive ability is called Slipstream which can give you a movement speed boost at the end of a slide.

Tactical Ability

Fade’s tactical ability is called Flashback, you can use this ability to teleport back to a location where you were just a few seconds ago. You simply rewind time for yourself and teleport back.

Ultimate Ability

Fade’s ultimate ability is called Phase Chamber. This ability allows Fade to throw a bomb that explodes and the radius of effect will cause any player to phase.

The phase is the same as Wraith’s tactical ability.