Apex Legends: Fix Infinite Loading & Black Screen on Windows 11

Published: 1 Oct 2021
It seems like Apex Legends players are running into issues with infinite loadings and black screens after upgrading to Windows 11.

These issues don’t seem to be tied directly to the game though. It seems like they are mostly happening due to a couple of reasons. Things like not running the game as an administrator, out-of-date GPU drivers and OS are all things which can cause these issues. But there is a way to fix infinite loadings and black screens on Windows 11 for Apex Legends!

Fix Infinite Loading & Black Screen | Windows 11 – Apex Legends

Both of these issues can be fixed using the same methods, since both of them aren’t exactly issues with the game itself. Still, fixing them is a bit of a troubleshooting process.

Before we get into the fixes though, you can try to update your OS and GPU drivers. It may sound like a no brainer, but this can cause both issues in Apex. That can all be done through Windows’ Update feature.

Look it up in the Start menu, and check for update. Update if necessary and try to launch the game.

Compatibility Mode

Since Windows 11 is relatively new, you might need to run the game in a lower compatibility. To do this, find a shortcut or the main .exe filed for Apex Legends in the installation folder.

Then, right-click it > Properties > Compatibility. There, select a lower compatibility mode like Windows 10, 7, or 8. Also, check “Run this program as administrator” and “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations”. Make sure to apply the changes.

Update Apex Or Verify Integrity Of Game Files

If your game isn’t updated, it might cause a black screen or infinite loading. First off, check whether it is updated and running on the latest version through Steam. If it is, right-click it in Steam Library > Properties > Local Files.

There, you can click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. After it finishes, try to launch the game.

Other Solutions

The fixes from above usually fix these types of issues, and other ones as well. But if they haven’t worked for you, you can try the following as well:

  • Add a controlled folder access exception for Apex Legends;
  • Add an antivirus exception for Apex Legends;
  • Run Apex using your dedicated graphics card (Performance Mode);
  • Turn on or off hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling;
  • Update GPU drivers;
  • Reinstall.

I suggest leaving reinstall for last. Before that, try the other fixes, because they might cause the same issue even if you reinstall the game.