Apeirophobia: Level 0 to 10 (Full Walkthrough)

Apeirophobia is a horror game in Roblox that left the players totally scared. The main objective is to avoid and escape from a black monster that hunts you down through 10 different levels. All the levels require to pass through secret rooms and find the hidden buttons and keys in order to open the locked doors and pass to the next level.

In this guide, we will help you to find the way through all 10 levels of Apeirophobia in Roblox!

Apeirophobia: Level 0 to 10 (Full Walkthrough)

Level 0

The first level starts in a strange yellow area, looking like a labyrinth with a buzzing sound. You have to find a way out through the labyrinth of rooms. Also, you will be able to check the playing controls before starting the journey.

 You have to follow basically the right path of the wall and follow some of the arrows on the walls that will guide you to find the vents where you have to climb up on the ladder and enter inside.

Once you are inside the vents, turn on your flash and follow the path of the cables and tubes to come to the next level.

This level has 2 entities, one of them might kill you if you’re caught, and the other one emits waves that make your screen blurry. You must run away from the monster and go to the exit.

Level 1

Once you pass the dark hallway with pipes, you will come to a big blue room with a lot of water and pipes on the corners of the walls.

The main objective of this level is to find all 6 valves and turn them on to unlock the exit of this area. There is a piece of paper on the wall with a sketch which shows you the instructions for the valves.

To find the valves, you have to follow the water pipes around the rooms and turn them on.

Once you turn on all 6 valves, you will hear a hazardous buzzing sound, then the light will turn green and the gate will unlock to enter the next level.

Go through the gate and follow the path, jump inside the water and dive until the end where you will fall into the next area.

Level 2

You will find yourself in a middle of a yellow room. Make your way through the stairs in front of you and follow the path.

Once you pass the stairs, keep forward through the white wall area and walk to the end of the room where you will come to a big wall with many entrances to the opposite side. Don’t jump forward, just fall down in the dark area and you will wake up again on the next level.

Level 3

At this level, you will be in a place with many drawers around. First, you have to search around the rooms to find 3 keys from the drawers of the lockers.

The key spots are randomized which means you might have to open all of the drawers to find the 3 keys.

While you are searching for the keys, there is a black monster that is walking around and that might kill you if it heard you. It can’t see but his ears are so sensitive, that even if you crouch it might sense you. Better stop and don’t move while the monster is passing nearby.

Once you find all 3 keys, use them on the locks to open the gate and enter the next room.

Once you enter the next area, there will be many rooms with drawers around. Your main thing to do is to find all the buttons which are hidden in the rooms behind the drawers.

Also, in this area, you will be followed by the same monster that you can avoid by being silent, and not letting him hear your steps.

Once you press all of the buttons, go back at the beginning of this level, where you will find the door where shows “This Way” on the wall.

Go through the door and follow the stairs going down until you come to another door that will lead you to the next level.

Level 4

Once you come to the level 4, make sure to follow the left hallway and run straight.

You will come to a corner where you have to continue to the left side and then keep running straight until the end.

At the end of the hallway, you will face stairs where you have to go up, and then you will find yourself walking on an invisible glass surface.

 Here, you have to follow the path until you come to a white bright light door that will bring you to the next level.

Level 5

This level is small but it is so creepy. You are inside underground tunnels with many spikes around.

You have to walk around using your flash to find a passage that looks like a violet portal. As you come near to it, you can hear some buzzing sound coming from the portal.

Level 6

Once you enter the portal from the previous level, you will appear in a hallway of a building with a red alarm on.

If you want to survive and escape the monster on this level you must instantly start to run through the hallway and pass all the barricades.

Just follow the path and make sure not the get stuck while you pass through the tiny barricades or enter another room.

At the end of the hallway, you will see a brown double door where you have to enter to pass to the next level.

Level 7

This level is one big puzzle. You have to note down the color of the dice and the exact amount of them that you found inside the room. They are normally spread around the room while most of them are on the wooden racks.

Once you find all the randomized dices, you have to go to the computer in the middle of the room, and you’ll need to turn the color and amount of dices that you saw into numbers. The computer will explain you all the instructions.

For example, if you found one orange dice, then the amount would be the number “1” behind the number “7”, forming 17. You need to do the same arrangements for all other dice that you see in the room.

Next, you have to put all numbers for each dice in the order shown on the computer from ascending to descending order.

Once you enter the numbers from your dice, you will get a 4-digit code from the computer.

After you get your code, go to the lock door and enter the same 4-digit code to unlock.

Behind the door, you will come into a tight path like a labyrinth that you have to follow. In the end, you will come to stairs where you have to climb up and continue forward.

The stairs will lead you into dark vents where you have to follow the only path until the end to come to the next room.

In the next room, you will have to find a book that stands on one of the racks, and open it where you will find some codes.

You will have to use all those 4 digit codes from the book on the keypad of the door and one of them will unlock it.

Behind the door, you will find another ladder that will bring you to the vents. Follow the vents until you come to another room where you have to find a computer.

Go to the computer and input “Y” and then press confirm. After 100% booting, it will open the gate that will lead you to the next level.

Enter the big room and run to the opposite side where you will see a green light and just pass through the dark wall to enter the next level.

Level 8

In this level, you have to follow the path to the exit and escape from the monster that is looking for you. It will kill you if you’re caught by it. It’s something hard to see, and use a locker to be safe.

The area is full with hallways that looks like a labyrinth and you have to follow it until you come to a green light where you have to turn right.

Then, follow the path and you will see another red light where you have to turn right and enter to the room.

In the room, you will see a ladder where you have to climb up and enter the next level.

Level 9

You will be in a room with a big swimming pool where you have to find and touch the water slides to get to the next level.

Level 10

At this level, you have to find a key on one of the lockers. There is more than one key available on other lockers if you’re playing with other players.

Once you get your key, make your way to the corner of the map. There you will find a door with a lock on it. Use the key to unlock and exit this level where you will get to the ending.

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