Answered: Is There A Transmog In Starfield?

August 31, 2023
Is there transmog feature or there isn't that's the real question

Starfield is RPG game that unfloads its story in outer space where players need to move throught various in-game contents. The game is very rich in content and gamers will have to dedicate a subsequent amount of time to go through them all. The action packed RPG presents opportunity to shooters to experience the game on their own and complete the game play in a way they see fit.

Starfield comes with various missions and systems which adds up for an interesting open world experience. Transmog which refers to Transmogrification is a system available across various gamers.  The system usually allows players to change appearance of one’s gear, weapons, and armor. Starfield enthusisats are left wondering if the game offers a transmog system, here’s more about it.

Transmog System in Starfield

Starfield comes with an impressive and immersive gaming experience that leaves fans with praises regarding the game. Given the high standard, enthusiasts have been seen asking for the Transomg feature to enhances their appearance. The need for one’s character to stand out is understandable and the Transmog features allows for just that.

Starfield enthusiasts won’t be happy to know that the game currently does not have the Transomg feature. This can only be spoken on after the game is released but for the possibility is very low or atleast not at the time of the game’s launch. Once players get their hands on the game and feel the necessity of the Transmog feature, if they raise the issue enough maybe it will be added later in the DLC expansion.

Players have seen these additions been made to DLCs if the request is sensible and asked for by enough users. Starfield hopefully will have these additions to the game but it might be in the form of mods. One can assume that although it is not promised for this system to be in the first release it will come to the game soon in the future.