Amazon Reveals First Official Image For Its Upcoming Fallout TV Series

November 18, 2022
Our first look at the highly-anticipated Amazon TV series based on the game franchise

As part of the 25th anniversary of Bethesda’s celebrated Fallout series, Amazon finally revealed the first official image for its upcoming Fallout TV series – giving fans a glimpse of what’s ahead and the hope for a wonderful show.

With that being said, the image shared by Prime Video on its official Twitter handle doesn’t contain much. It is just a figure standing in an open vault door, silhouetted by the bright backlight emitted by the post-apocalyptic sun… and some wonderful lens flares.

Amazon Reveals First Official Image For Its Upcoming Fallout TV Series

Fallout TV Series

Looking at the image intently, you’d see that the foreground of the image is apparently people from Vault 33, which hasn’t been explored in the Fallout lore yet.

Apart from its inclusion in Bethesda Pinball, no other mention of the Vault 33 is found in any of the Fallout games.

Here is the image:

Notably, as per the lore, Vault numbers below 50 indicate that the setting of the highly-anticipated Amazon series is somewhere on the west coast.

The official image contrasts the leaked images last August that showed dwellers from inside Vault 32. This could either be a misdirect attempt by the show’s producers or perhaps the show intends to focus on more than one Vault.

With all that being said, it just makes sense that Amazon would want to use Vaults with no established history for its show so that they’d have more freedom to do whatever they want and not be restricted by any rules or boundaries established already within the Fallout games.

The sign on the railing which says no food or drink, operational silence, restrict movement, etc, as seen on the official image matches up with one seen in the same spot in the series’ latest mainline entry, Fallout 4.

You may also notice a seemingly lifeless body lying directly from the Vault door, which may mean that the scene in the image isn’t peaceful at all.

Nevertheless, the image is beautiful and captures the feel that the Fallout series is well-known for. It gives confidence to fans that the upcoming TV series based on our beloved franchise is indeed in good hands.

Amazon’s Fallout TV series was announced back in 2020 and is now under production. There is still no conclusive time frame for when fans of the franchise or interested viewers can expect the show on their TVs.

The Fallout TV series is set to stream on Amazon’s Prime Video.