All Endings in the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

Published: 7 May 2022
Time to check out all the endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is an interesting free-roam game that you will never win. The Stanley Parable is a game that will play you. In this game, you will make choices that will change the ways on how your ending will go. Make sure to choose a wise choice.

This guide will show you all the endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

All Endings in the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

This game has a lot of endings, they all vary on the choices that you make. Each choice will take you to a different area and as you make choices in game, that is how your destiny will go.

Here is a list of all the endings you can have in Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe:

  • Elevator Ending
  • Memory Zone Ending
  • The Stanley Parable 2 Intro
  • Trapped Bucket
  • Silly Birds
  • Bucket Museum
  • Bucket Destroyer
  • Bucket Escape Pod
  • Home/Work Bucket
  • Bucket Murder/Suicide
  • Comedic Timing

Elevator Ending

This ending will happen once you get to an elevator and begin going up and down until you reach the backstage of a concert.

There will be a lot of backstage makeup areas and once you get on stage, the screen will begin to flash bright and the game ends. Everyone will cheer your name.

Memory Zone Ending

Once you enter a door that says “New Content”, you will begin the scenario of this ending and there will be no going back.

You will enter rooms where you will look at different scenarios of others and also encounter rooms where you will be forced to exercise.

Once you finish with that area, you will instantly enter a luxurious and rich house with 1 exit. The exit of the house will contain an area that has a ton of containers, and everything will look abandoned.

You will finally end up in a room with no exits and only a yellow speed up button in the middle. You will continue pressing the speed up button until something happens.

As time passes by and you continue pressing the button, the wall will break down and give you an exit point.

Continue pressing the button until you find a way outside. You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere and the game will end.

The Stanley Parable 2 Intro

This is a simple intro where Stanley is introduced and how he is left alone in his office.

Trapped Bucket Endings

This intro will begin when Stanley goes into his closet with a bucket in his hands. Begin going down the stairs until you reach the basement and find trapped buckets inside a room.

The narrator will continue talking, and the game will slowly make it to its end.

Silly Birds

This ending will have Stanley walk up to the red office and the the elevator down into the backstage area. From there, you will continue going to the main computer operating room where a giant gate will open.

The gate will close as soon as you get closer to it.

As the gate closes fully, the game will end.

Bucket Museum

This ending will occur when Stanley will want to go to the meeting with his bucket. As you continue, the rooms will start to change and you will begin noticing a lot of traps.

No worries! The traps will not harm you, simply continue following the road until you reach a white room filled with buckets. That will be the bucket museum.

Bucket Destroyer

This ending will occur once you enter the same area as the museum one, simply walk up to the bucket in the middle and you will be shifted in an area where there is a machine that destroys a lot of buckets.

Bucket Escape Pod

This ending will occur if you don’t throw the bucket in the machine. If the bucket is saved, you will get another scenario of where the machine is broken and flying in the air.

Home/Work Bucket

This ending will occur if you follow every order that the bucket says. This will make you a slave to the bucket and end up in a romantic room where you and the bucket will be alone.

Intense music will occur and the game will slowly begin its end.

Bucket Murder/Suicide

This ending will occur once you make a choice to get rid of the bucket and destroy it. When you reach this stage, the screen will go black and only 1 light will shine to the bucket.

The bucket will be stabbed with knives and blood will come out of it.

Comedic Timing

This scenario will appear when you and the bucket will go to a dark room with 1 swinging light and a phone in the middle. Unplug the phone from the socket and the comedic timing will begin.

The Comedic Timing will be a small cinematic movie that will play for you to enjoy. When the movie ends, the final ending of the game will also happen.