Mount Craw Collectibles Locations: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

September 13, 2022
Let’s find all Collectible Locations in Mount Craw: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a fantastic game full of loot, dragons, and magic. As you adventure, you will come across special items on every map that gives you little bonuses and lore tidbits. There are tons of Lore Scrolls, Poetry Pages, Lost Marbles, and other collectibles in Mount Craw. You’re bound to find a bunch of them as you play, but hunting down every single one can be a serious game.

In this guide, we will show you all Collectible Locations in Mount Craw!

Mount Craw Collectibles Locations: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There is a lot to find here. We have an Ancient Obelisk, 2 Lost Marbles, 19 Lucky Dice, 2 Poetry Pages, and a Rune Switch.

At the beginning of the map, there is a scroll to collect.

It is located on the edge of the plank.

As you make your way a little deeper into the starting area, inside this crack on the wall, you can find the first of 20-sided dice.

The next 20-sided dice on this part of the map is located right up the ledge, climb on it and turn right on the path, pass through the wooden bridge which will bring you to the dice.

Check the images below.

The next one, as you leave the cave, continue to head to the north. There will be a marble nearby on the top of one of the houses.

To grab this marble, you have to jump onto the same building that the marble is on. Grab onto the awning of the house, then jump to the left to get on top of the roof, and then jump onto the marble.

Continue to go northwest to the dock area on the frozen lake. There is a ladder nearby that you can grab onto that leads you to the next 20-sided dice.

Next, Make your way over to where claptrap previously resided at the hotfoot quarry. You have to walk through the gates and make your way up to the ladder and turn left where you will find another 20-sided dice.

You can find one more of the 20-sided dices, if you push further into the quarry zone, making your way into the dead-end looking area, but if you look to the right you will find your Dice.

After you leave the previous location, just keep the cliff on your right side following it along to the next path which starts on the map marked on the image below.

There are two more 20-sided dice to find in this cave. As you move through the gates and go through the archway on the left, you should be able to spot the first 20-sided dice relatively easily sitting on top at the pillar shown on the image below.

The other 20-sided dice in this area is a little bit more of a parkour challenge to get to and it’s kind of out of the way.

At the eastern side of the chamber, there are some rocks that you can grab onto. Just follow the path climbing up to the rocks, at the edge you will find a 20-sided dice overlooking the entire room.

There are still some easy collectibles to grab back at the frozen lake.

At this location on the map, if you look down in the basement you will find a gun chest and very importantly 20-sided dice.

In the same house, there is also a scroll on the bench on your way out.

Once you get out of the house, follow the path on the back of the house, then climb on the pillar where you will grab the second marble.

Check the marked location on the map on the image below.

From here, you have to continue north where are a lot to pick up in that area.

There is a scroll on the edge on the dock.

The next 20-sided dice is so near. Check the map below to see the marked location.

There is one more collectible on the wizard’s high. It is a 20-sided dice located back there in the corner, right inside the shed.

Check the images below for the exact location on the map.

Next, you have to make your way into the cave on the western side of the frozen lake.

This is the place where you will find an Ancient Obelisk.

Defeat the boss to claim the Obelisk.

The last collectible in the frozen lake is just beyond the frozen entrance. Check on the map below.

Go to the frozen entrance and shot on the ice to crack it down. When you enter inside, just on the left of the door you will find another 20-sided dice.

Once you are done with the Frozen Lake, you have to make your way to the northern part of the map.

Once you enter the cave, you will find a gun chest and a Poetry Page on the left.

Follow the main bridge, that leads into the goblin encampment in the Furious Gorge.

The 20-sided dice is located inside of the shack sitting on the beach on the right side after you cross the bridge. Check the exact location on the image below.

Next, you have to continue to follow the path that leads to the north for another relatively easy pickup. Just keep the cliff on your ride side and follow all the way around until you reach the location marked on the map to find another 20-sided dice.

After this, you have to start to access the high rise in this area. You do that on the market location on the map below.

There is a ladder that you can climb up on top of the raised platform, then it allows you to access a lot of the other collectibles.

The first one on the moon will be the rune switch. You have to collect all 3 parts for the switch to activate and obtain your Rune Switch.

Then, turn to the right where you will see 20-sided dice sitting on the cliff.

Make your way back to the rune switch, and turn back to face a yellow rock where you have to climb to follow the path for the next collectible.

Follow the path which will lead you through a wooden bridge. Follow the bridge to the east until you come next to a platform where are 2 water traps. On the end of the cliff, on the edge is sitting another 20-sided dice.

This is located on the marked location on the map below.

On the next area of the map, the western side of this area, there is a 20-sided dice located just behind the big pillars.

Then, jump off the platform and look to the left, follow the bridge up to the hut on the northern side and there should be a scroll behind the oven.

On the next market spot on the map, there is a tower.

All you need to do is to scale up to the top of the tower. Climb the ladder to get to the top, then jump on the board and follow the path to the next ladder where you will find another 20-sided dice.

For the next collectible, you have to start to climb right in the center of the room. Check the map below.

The ladder will give you access to the higher path of the tower that goes across the upper floors.

On your way, on the right side, you will see a big bridge that leads down to the cliff. As you turn right after you cross the bridge, you will find a Poetry Piece at the exact location marked on the map below.

This is the final scroll location and it is just sitting on the ground behind the hut. Check on the map below.

The next last collectible is a 20-sided dice which is located on the exact place on the map below.

With this guide, you will make 100% progress in collecting all the collectibles in Mount Craw.