All 6 Figurine Collectibles: The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

Published: 7 May 2022
Time to find all 6 Stanley Figurines in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe!

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is an interesting investigating game where you and the narrator are playing along and trying to solve the game. The game has many endings, and all the choices that you make will vary on the actions that will happen. The game also has collectibles that are scattered all around the area.

This guide will show you all 6 Stanley Figurines in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

All 6 Figurine Collectibles: The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

The first collectible will be unlocked after you unlock the ability to unlock collectibles. Once that process is done, you will automatically get one.

The second collectible will be hidden under a set of stairs that can be found by going down from the meeting room.

Once you reach this area, simply follow the road and when you come across a set of stairs, make your way down to the bottom, and behind the stairs, you will find the figurine.

The next collectible will be located in a storage area of the building. To get to this storage area, you must find room 456 and continue forward until you reach the A4 section, which is the storage area.

When you reach this area, climb the first box in front of you and you will see a set of planks that form a path toward the next figurine.

The next figurine will also be located near the storage area. Once you get here, take the yellow elevator and let it raise you high enough so you can jump on the marked platform on the image to make your way to the figurine.

Once you reach the marked area, simply continue walking where the path leads you until you enter a room with 1 red and 1 blue door. On the right side, there will be an open door with the figurine placed on an office chair.

The next collectible will be located near the meeting area, inside the executive bathroom.

From the meeting area, take the exit that will lead you to a set of stairs, and once you reach the top, turn left in the next room and enter the executive bathroom.

When you get inside the executive bathroom, the figurine can be seen right on top of the toilet.

The final figurine can be obtained by going to the Manager’s Office and typing down the secret code to gain access through the fireplace.

Once you’ve typed in 2845, go to the fireplace and wait a few seconds for it to open up and let you inside the secret area.

Once you enter the area, go forward and look to your right side, you will find the last figurine in a corner,