All 12 Duality Dungeon Collectibles Location Guide: Destiny 2

Published: 28 May 2022
Check out all 12 collectibles in the Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a fantasy shooter game where you need to complete various story missions and side missions. As you progress through this game, you will meet a ton of new interesting objectives and monsters to defeat. Completing dungeons and side missions in this game will help you obtain higher-quality gear and make you stronger. With that, the 100% game progress will also go smoother!

This guide will show you all 12 Duality Dungeon locations in Destiny 2.

All 12 Duality Dungeon Collectibles Location Guide: Destiny 2

Collectible #1

The first collectible will be located at the start of the dungeon. You will need to start jumping up on the left side of the wall to get the first collectible.

As you make your way up, at the highest point of the room, you will find a half-opened door which you can enter a small room, inside the small room, you will find the Calus Repressed Memory.

Collectible #2

The second collectible is located in the same area as the previous one is. You will need to simply shoot the object and enter the dark realm. Once you are in the dark area, go back to the room where the first collectible was and continue going forward until you collect it.

Collectible #3

This collectible can be found further into the previous area, you will find a large drop where you need to drop into and shoot the object that will let you leave the dark realm.

When you are in the normal realm, turn around and drop down. On the right side, you will find an opening to a wall where you can shoot down a object to get you back into the dark realm.

Enter the dark realm and go through the small hole that is on the other side of the dungeon. You will need to jump from one pillar to another and obtain the collectible.

Collectible #4

This collectible can be found before the Nightmare of Gahran Boss fight. Right before you drop to the boss arena, jump up on the platform and you will find the next collectible.

Collectible #5

After you’ve defeated the boss, go inside the room with the War Beast symbol and you will find the collectible in the middle of the room.

Collectible #6

This collectible can be found at the area where you Navigate the Crypt. At the giant room with all the tombstones, follow up to the second lever and continue following the path where the tombstones slightly exit the wall and form a path.

When you get to the tombstone walls, don’t go right as you would continue with completing the dungeon, instead you will need to head back from where you came from and notice some extra tombstones will open up.

In the last tombstone that you land on, there will be a small opening which will grant you access to the next collectible.

Collectible #7

This collectible can be found at the light hallway where you need to jump through. Don’t go through the hallway, drop down to get the memory.

Collectible #8

After the previous memory, go through the light hallway until you reach a room with 4 statues. In order to get this memory, you will need to enter the dark realm and enter the room on the left side, entering the area from where you firstly came.

Jump on the platforms and behind one of the pillars, you will find the memory that you can collect.

Collectible #9

This collectible can be obtained after you’ve completed the “Unlock the Vault” encounter. To get this collectible, you need to climb up the tombs that are on the left side of the staircase.

Climb to the highest tombstone and you will be able to locate and obtain the next memory collectible.

Collectible #10

After the next area, you will encounter a room with a purple floor and a giant object in the middle. You can actually get on the purple floor and go under the objects in the middle to collect the next collectible.

Collectible #11

Progress through the area where you need to climb up and shoot the object to get to the dark realm which will reveal some long bridges on the high end of the room.

Get on the bridge and turn right. When you turn right, you will see a set of stairs that will lead to a closed gate on the end of the room. Jump there and at the closed gate, you will find the memory collectible.

Collectible #12

This last collectible can be obtained right before you drop down in the arena where the final boss is located.

Make your way towards the red shining room, just before entering it, you will see a tall platform on the right side of the room which you can jump onto. Jump on that platform, and make one more jump that will lead you to a small area with the memory inside, just above the red glowing gate where the boss is.

Get to the end of the small area where you will be able to collect the last memory collectible.