Aliens Dark Descent: How to Delete or Remove Save Slots

June 26, 2023
Learn how to delete or remove save games in Aliens Dark Descent!

Aliens Dark Descent is a squad-based single-player title where you need to command a Colonial Marines Squad to prevent a terrifying outbreak on an alien planet. The game offers three save slots which means if you wish to start a new campaign then you will need to either overwrite or delete the existing saves

This guide will tell you how to delete or remove saves in Aliens Dark Descent.

Aliens Dark Descent: How to Delete or Remove Save Slots

The game offers two ways for players to save their game: Auto Save and Manual Save. The progress will be automatically saved from time to time in the Auto Save mode whereas you will need to do it manually in the Manual Mode.

Since there are only 3 save slots, you might need to delete or remove one of the slots to either start a new campaign or save your existing one. To do this, just start a new game and choose any of the three slots that you wish to replace.

A warning will appear on your screen asking whether you wish to replace this save. Click OK and then a new screen will appear where you can set parameters for the campaign.

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Click on the Back button to go to the main menu and you will now notice that the save slot that you have overwritten is now empty. With this method, you can delete or remove any save slot that you currently have.

You will have the option to continue the game in case you overwrite the existing save slot however if you quit the game then you will need to start afresh.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to delete your save slot!