Aliens: Dark Descent Classes & Enemies List

June 26, 2023
Check out the list of all the classes and enemy types in the game!

Aliens Dark Descent is a squad-based single-player title where you need to command a Colonial Marines Squad to prevent a terrifying outbreak on an alien planet. During your journey, you will meet dangerous extraterrestrial creatures that you will need to defeat by selecting any of the five classes available in the game.

This guide will tell you a list of all the enemies and class types in Aliens Dark Descent.

Classes & Enemies List

Being a game set in the Alien universe, players can expect all sorts of Xenomorph enemies such as Facehuggers and Praetorians apart from some unique extraterrestrial threats found in this timeline.

As the commander of the squad, you will need to lead an army of marines consisting of five different classes each with their unique skills, weapons and specializations.

To win every battle, you will need to strategize and oversee the health of the soldiers and maintain their physical well-being as well as psychological needs to reduce breakdowns and injuries.

There are 5 types of Marine classes that you will find in the game

  1. Gunner: The Gunner is one of the most recognizable marines of the squad, a sturdy daredevil holding an M56 Smart Gun and providing his team with an exceptional fire support
  2. Medic: Expert to maintain the squad in good shape, the Medic is vital to any marine formation, providing exhaustive healing abilities to his brothers in arms.
  3. Recon: Quick and equipped with a Light Pulse Rifle, the Recon is the deadly master scout the squad counts on.
  4. Sergeant: The Sergeant is the keystone of the squad, a charismatic team leader with a strategic mindset, who provides confidence and control to the squad.
  5. Tecker: Undoubtedly the most intelligent asset of the squad, the Tecker is a resourceful and clever marine capable to hack almost anything

Below are the different types of enemies that you will encounter in the game:

  1. Facehugger: When an Egg detects a suitable host, the face hugger it contains comes to life. This spider-like, parasitoid form of the Xenomorph exists solely to implant a Chestburster within a living creature.
  2. Guardians: Guardians are the elite of the Darwin Era, not only in a combat sense but in a cultural one as well. These fanatics voluntarily undergo the implantation of a device Marlow named Embryostatis, which slows down the Xenomorph life cycle by postponing the “birth” of the creature. Equipped with such an apparatus, the Guardians are able to walk among the Xenomorphs without danger.
  3. Praetorians: Theories state that the Praetorians evolve from chosen Drones once a Hive nears its full development. Significantly larger and tougher than typical Xenomorphs, these bipedal creatures can be identified by their broad head crest and longer dorsal spines.
  4. Queen: Every Hive is led by a Queen. These specimens are regarded as the biggest and most intelligent form of the Xenomorph. A Queen’s main purpose is to lay within the Hive, a mission she completes with the help of an Ovipositor, a sort of abdomen that produces Eggs
  5. Runner: Quite different to human-spawned Xenomorphs, the Runners probably inherit their physiology from four-legged animals, like cows or dogs. As their name implies, Runners are exceptionally fast and athletic, but their speed comes with a cost, for they are nowhere near as resilient as Drones or Warriors.
  6. Synthetic: These old Maintenance Synths originally manufactured by Seegson have been purchased by Weyland-Yutani on outdated stations and then repurposed with a better AI to serve on Pioneer
  7. Warrior: Whether Drones and Warriors are two separate classes within the Hive is still up for debate. One thing is for sure though: specimens described as Warriors are considered even more dangerous. Most of them are recognizable by their ridged skulls and segmented tails, which make these bipedal Xenomorphs look even more sinister.

That’s it, these are all the class types and enemies that you will encounter in the game!

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