Albion Online: Where to Find Tin Ore

July 14, 2022
Check out this guide to find tin ore in Albion Online!

Albion Online is a free medieval fantasy MMORPG game where players can grow their wealth, forge alliances and explore the world to engage in intense PvP combat. This guide will tell you how to find tin or bronze in the game.

Albion Online: Where to Find Tin Ore

As you begin your adventures in Albion Online, you will find yourself searching for Tin Ore or you may need to create some bronze bars. The quickest way to find Tin Ore is to open the world map by pressing M on your keyboard. You will notice that not every biome contains metal ore for mining but there is a cluster containing tin ore within one zone of every starting town.

On the world map, click on the nearby mountains, highlands or steppes clusters but not forests or swamps because you won’t find ores in those areas. On the top of the cluster map, you will see the type and tier of resources available in that cluster and tin is tier 3 ore so look for areas with tier 3 ores.

If you find yourself in an area that includes tier 3 ore but there doesn’t seem to be any, check the other end of the map. Some zones contain only copper which tiers 2 on one side of the cluster but there will be 10 on another side of the map.

The tin ore can be identified by its blue or lavender colour and then mine to extract it. You can combine tin ores with copper bars to create bronze bars using any smelter.

That’s it, now you have successfully learned how to find tin ores in the game!