Albion Online: Where To Find Chestnut Logs

Published: 13 Jul 2022
Check out this guide to find Chestnut logs in Albion Online!

Albion Online is a free medieval fantasy MMORPG game where players can grow their wealth, forge alliances and explore the world to engage in intense PvP combat.This guide will tell you where to find chestnut logs in the game

Albion Online: Where To Find Chestnut Logs

The quickest way to find them is to open the world map in the game by pressing M on your keyboard and then look in each zone around you except Snowy Mountain zones or Sandy Step zones as you won’t find any wood above tier 1 there.

At the top of the zone map, you can see the type and tier of resources available in that zone. Chestnut logs can be obtained from chopping chestnut trees and chestnut trees are tier 3 wood so you will need to look for zones with tier 3 wood.

Chestnut trees have brown barks and orange leaves as shown above.

Some of the lower level zones are designed with tier 2 resources all along one side of the zone and tier 3 on the other.

If you are in a zone that contains tier 3 wood and you don’t see chestnut trees then try moving to the opposite end of the map.

That’s it, now go ahead and get those Chestnut Logs in Albion Online!