Albion Online: Ultimate Corrupted Dungeons Guide

April 2, 2022
Check out the Ultimate Corrupted Dungeons Guide

As you explore the world of Albion Online you may encounter dungeon entrances that look like split rocks with orange light coming from inside. These are corrupted dungeons! Corrupted dungeons are single-player instances that offer increased rewards compared to random solo dungeons. It is a great place to spend some time while waiting for your friends to log in.

You can kill monsters, destroy Bosses and open rare treasure chests.

Albion Online: Ultimate Corrupted Dungeons Guide


As you are battling through your dungeon, your dungeon may be invaded by a single enemy player or may not be. If you are invaded you will get a notice on the screen.

The invader will spawn away from you in the dungeon and at the same time, you will be able to see the other on the minimap.

Places without red dots are locations where you and your players have been. You can use this to locate or avoid each other.

When the invader notices you, the light signal will appear on the map and also your players can see and come to help.


Corrupted dungeons feature a variety of traps that can mess with you or your enemy.

Arcane Mephit: Releases a cloud of fumes that will silence you.

Magma Mephit: Creates a pool of magma on the spot where it dies.

Volatile Mephit: Flings your body violently across the screen.

Bloated Glutton: Emits a swath of corruption that slows you down.

Incendiary Fissure: A nasty flame turnstyle that slows you and deals damage.

Abyssal  Impaler: Slows you down and deals fire damage.

Slag Spewer: Launches damaging fireballs with knockback.

Infernal Breach: Spews a molten wave of lava for a long distance.

Few of these traps can affect the monsters.

Ejecting your Invader

Once you are invaded Demonic shards will appear around the dungeon.

If you can attack and destroy 3 of the Demonic Shards your invader will be permanently ejected from the dungeon and you will have the place to yourself.

You can’t escape the dungeon until the final boss has been defeated.

After the final boss is defeated, you will get a special port to take you to the next corrupted dungeon.

Difficulty Levels

Corrupted Dungeons features 3 levels of difficulty: Hunter, Stalker, and Slayer.

Each level has a different Zone and different enemies tier.

Item Power Requirements and Cap

Once you enter a corrupted dungeon you cannot change any of your equipment items except your food and potions. The rest of your gear gets locked until you leave.


A corrupted dungeon uses a scoring system called infamy.

Killing any mob in the dungeon earns you an amount of infamy.

Once you earn enough infamy in a current dungeon the final boss will spawn and shout at you. You can find his location marked on the map.

Infamy Required to Summon the Final Boss:

  • Hunter: 100
  • Stalker: 500
  • Slayer: 2000

After you defeat the Final Boss you will get a lot more infamy and will be able to open the big treasure chest and dungeon portal opens.

Also, you can fight and kill another player which will earn you a percentage of his infamy which can be huge.