Albion Online: Ultimate Beginners Guide

April 2, 2022
Check out this ultimate beginner guide.

Albion Online is packed with a ton of content that the player can enjoy. New players sometimes find it hard to make their path and clear things up so they can begin an amazing journey and enjoy the game to the fullest. Learning these tips and tricks will surely help you solve things faster

Albion Online: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Albion Test Server

The Albion test server is the best way to get a feel for the game and try to see what class and playstyle suits you best.

To open the Albion Test server, simply open up the Albion Online client, and just above the red “Play” button, press the little menu where you can select and play on the Test Server.

In this test server, you have unlimited resources that you can use and test out different playstyles. This is a good way to save money and get prepared for the real server.

On the Albion test server, there are no other players that will interrupt you. Here you can invite your friends and test out your PVP skills to see how good you’ve made your character.

Corrupted Dungeons

The corrupted dungeon areas are the best place to be if you are a solo player. Here you will be able to kill tons of mobs and gather silver which is the main currency for the game.

You can also farm your fame in these dungeons.

How to Earn Silver

Earning silver is the main thing to purchase high-tier equipment and increase your stats.

Both PVP players and PVE players have their own way of collecting silver, the difference between the two types of playstyles is that the reward for the PVP player is higher, but also the risk is higher.

A PVP player can claim silver much quicker from dungeons and PVP events, but also has a 50% chance of losing it.

A PVE player will need more time to collect X amount of silver, but they don’t have any risk involved. PVE players can collect silver by fighting monsters, competing in PVE events, and killing bosses.

A PVE player can use the gathering skills to gather high-tier materials and use the market to compare prices and sell items to his liking.