Albion Online: Laborers Guide

July 14, 2022
Let's check the Laborers in Albion Online. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Laborers have a crucial role in Albion Online. Even while the materials they offer may not seem abundant in comparison to the setup expenses, they more than make up for it in the long run. We’ll go over how to build your own laborer house in this manual and provide you with enough details to design your own island network.

Albion Online: Laborers Guide

Laborers 101

Laborers are Non-Player characters, the players place in houses on their island. From a few extra resources to sell to a vast commercial empire of mass manufacturing, everyone has various demands and expectations of their workers. 

The secret is to construct your project effectively from the beginning as per your needs and to always be aware of your long-term objectives.

Setting up Laborers in place

To make money off of Laborers, the player must first build them homes because they all demand one. You can start building houses at Island level 2, but my recommendation is to wait until your house or houses are tier 5 before hiring laborers.

You can put three Laborers—the maximum number permitted per house—into Tier 5 dwellings. Additionally, if you set the Laborers to labor at tier 4 and then convert the property to tier 5, the interior furnishings will then be in odd places, requiring you to relocate everything, as opposed to tier 5 houses, which already have the largest possible house footprint.

Also, if you construct and upgrade homes to tier 5 straight away, you won’t have to spend extra for lower-class furnishings and prizes.

The tier of the house a laborer lives in is not relevant; but, if your house prohibits you from giving them the appropriate tier stuff to keep them happy, their contentment levels will be reduced. This may lead to reduced levels of returned goods, which will affect your productivity as a whole.

Let’s proceed to construct a Tier 5 home and fill it with our three beds, a table, and our winnings.

Supplies needed to build Tier 5 House

The list of the supplies is mentioned below:

  • 450 T1 logs
  • 45T1 stone
  • 180 T2 Limestone Blocks
  • 180 T3 Sandstone Blocks
  • 180 T4 Travertine Blocks
  • 18 T5 Granite Blocks
  • 3 Generalist Trophy Journals, T2 (buy if needed)
  • 1 of each Generalist Trophy, T2-5 (buy if needed)
  • 3 T5 Beds (craft at a toolmaker or buy)
  • 1 T5 Table (craft at the toolmaker or buy)
  • 100 Silver

Kinds of Laborers

It’s time to choose the kind of laborer you want laboring for you after you’ve configured your home to tier 5 or any other tier you choose. Make sure to select Laborers who share your objectives. Otherwise, it will be difficult to complete journals.

Now that you know, you should load the house with a maximum number of Laborers that is three, regardless of the type you chose.

Let’s look at the various laborers we can hire to do our bidding. The three types of laborers are gathering, mercenary, and crafting.

Take into account the following:

Generalist Journals are accepted by all workers (like the three laborers the player hopefully filled while building their house).

Gathering and Mercenary laborers get their own unique, tier-based trophy that further increases happiness. A laborer will return with trophies rather than resources if you provide them a journal packed with trophies related to their line of work.

Hiring First Laborer

Since our character in this scenario is Skinner, it makes it reasonable that the three workers in this residence are Gamekeepers. We can quickly appoint three Gamekeepers (one at a time) for a nominal charge by going to the house board next to the front door.

We may even take into account hiring Crafting laborers to operate side-by-side with our Gamekeepers on the subsequent home we construct if we were interested in making leather goods.

Please be aware that the Royal cities and the islands connected to them acquired refining and crafting advantages for particular item categories with the Merlyn update. You may increase synergy by strategically placing the right workers in the right places by keeping these perks in mind.

Your workers will require 30 minutes approximately to settle in once you have them. If you need something to do during this period, you can buy Tier 2 professional journals from them and swiftly fill them.

Return to the workers after 30 minutes and speak with them, giving each of them a diary that is either general or specialized for their line of work. When our Tier 2 workers return after 22 hours, either of these will promote them to Tier 3.

Happiness of Laborers

In order to make all of the laborers in a house happy, there must be enough tables, beds, and trophies for their number and class.

The utmost amount of happiness that your workers can achieve in their current setting will take them 10 hours to reach. As a result, if you want to guarantee that you receive an immediate promotion to T3 from the first journals, spend 10 hours for each worker to acquire full happiness.

It’s critical to maintain a high degree of happiness. The three methods are as follows:

  • Always have 3 workers and 1 Generalist Trophy from each tier in the house. Since they do not stack, it is useless to have more than one per tier in a residence, but in guild halls, the player needs one trophy from each tier for every three laborers.
  • Use Gatherer and Mercenary profession-specific awards to increase happiness. If you have the money, use the Shark Trophy and Explorer’s Spyglass as well. Wherever possible, the player should have one Profession Trophy of each tier.
  • The player will always require one bed for every worker, and one table for every four workers, in each home or hall. Never go below these figures, and as soon as the player upgrades the house to the next level, swiftly arrange new furniture that corresponds to the new tier of the house.

Filling Journals

Through Fame, journals can be filled out. In order to use a tier 2 fishing diary, you must have 300 Fame obtained through fishing. The amount of Fame required for a tier 3 fishing diary is 600 Fame earned while fishing, and so on up to tier 8, where it doubles. so the player should always have a good supply of both specialized and generalist periodicals.

The player will start getting the resources their Laborers specialize in once they reach Tier 5. The following is a full explanation of journals, including the Fame they award and the level of Fame necessary to advance in each tier and type of laborer:

With your Laborers in Albion Online, you may accomplish so much and earn a consistent income. Start cautiously, level up your island to the highest possible level, and continuously write in your journals.