Albion Online: How to get to the Black Zones Guide

April 2, 2022
Check out this guide to reach the Black Zone in Albion Online!

Players are always looking for better loot and resources in Albion Online and the Black Zone can be a great place to find them. In this guide, we will tell you how to get to the Black Zone in the game, the amazing place where you can jump on a interesting adventure.

Albion Online: How to get to the Black Zones Guide

You can get to the Black Zone by activating the Realm gate in any major city except Caerleon. These cities include Bridgewatch, Fort Sterling, Lymhurst, Marlock or Thetford in the game.

When you are in one of these cities but not down in the bank or marketplace, press N on your keyboard to open the zone map.

Now look for the beacon icon near the Conqueror’s Hall, do note that the color of the Realmgate is different for every city so it may vary depending on your location.

Now go to the Realmgate and once you reach there, you will notice a list of destinations that you can visit via the Realmgate.

Open the world map by pressing M and locate the areas that fall in the Black zone.

Now select one of those areas from the destination menu and then press the red color Enter button in the corner.

A prompt will appear on your screen to warn you that you are about to enter a full loot PvP, Black Zone. Click Yes if you are fully prepared to enter the zone and you will be teleported there.

After you reach there, do not click on anything on the ground yet as you will lose your shield and will be vulnerable to attack from other players.

Instead, you need to first proceed to one of the invisibility shrines that can be found near the portals so you can receive temporary invisibility for two minutes.

This will improve your chances of getting out of the portal clusters alive.

Black Zone can be lucrative places as you will be able to loot resources upto tier eight and earn 250% fame and 160% loot bonus.

However it can also be a dangerous place so you need to be careful as anyone irrespective of their guild, alliance or party can attack you without losing their reputation.

When you are travelling from one territory to another inside the Black Zone then you should always stick to the edge of the map.

Avoid roads as you might be attacked by Gankers and don’t bring items that are valuable to you because you might end up losing them. Always carry those items that are cheap and can be easily replaced.

That’s it, now follow this guide and enter the Black Zone to grab some valuable resources. Stay careful otherwise you might end up losing more than you can gain!