Albion Online: Best Solo Player Builds

April 2, 2022
Time to fight like a lone wolf with these builds in Albion Online!

Players have a large variety of weapons and gears to choose from so they can create their own builds. Having a good build is key to surviving out there on the battlefield and not getting killed immediately especially if you are playing solo.

In this guide, we will tell you about the best solo player builds in the game.

Albion Online: Best Solo Player Builds

1. The 1 Hand Mace Build

Items used in the build:

  • 1 Hand Mace (Main Hand)
  • Mistcaller (Offhand)
  • Mage Cowl (Head)
  • Assassin’s Jacket(Body)
  • Hunter Shoes(Feet)
  • Caerleon Cape (Back)
  • Pork Omelette (Food)
  • Poison Potion

This 1 Hand Mace build can be very useful especially if you engage in 1 v 1 combat PvP combat with other places. It is a good all-rounder weapon that can be used in a lot of different builds.

To use this build, you will be mostly focusing on reducing the health of your enemy by tiring them slowly until they collapse. You need to attack then disengage and then attack, repeat this process until your opponent gets defeated.

While this tactic can take some time but it is highly effective, especially against one to one combat scenarios. All of your abilities will be refreshed quickly thanks to the cooldown reduction passive gained from the Mistcaller and Pork Omelette’s cool reduction bonus.

You will be able to easily engage and disengage since your abilities will be replenished often helping you wear down your opponent until they die. The main benefits of this build are its cheap cost and good reliability against enemies

2. The Turret Bow Build

Items used in the build:

  • Bow (Main hand/Off-Hand)
  • Hellion Helmet (Head)
  • Mercenary Jacket (Body)
  • Soldier Boots (Feet)
  • Thetford Cape (Back)
  • Beef Stew (Food)
  • Health Potion/Poison Potion

Transform yourself into a turret with this build that will allow you to shoot rapid-fire arrows using a bow at your opponents until they die.

You will be able to do this while being surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke that will essentially make you invisible. It will be pretty tough for your enemies to defeat if you have this build so chances are they might quit the game!

In order to play this build, you will need to pop your cooldown which will increase your attack speed and give you explosive arrows helping you to attack your opponents while staying hidden by engaging the Smokescreen of the Hellion Helmet.

It is at this point that you will be dealing the maximum amount of damage to your enemies as cannot fight back nor escape since your fire arrows will annihilate them. After the effect of the Smokescreen is finished, expect your enemy to attack you and you need to be careful as your health may reach critical levels at this point.

To rejuvenate your health, use the Mercenary Jacket since it will restore your HP on the amount of damage you are dealing. By this point, your opponent should be dead but in case he still manages to survive then you need to use your boots’ special speed ability and run until your cooldown receives a reset.

The main advantage of this build is its cheap cost and ease of use making it a viable option for new players in the game.

3. The Deathgiver Assassin build

Items used in this build:

  • Deathgivers (Main hand/ Off hand)
  • Stalker Hood (Head)
  • Assassin’s Jacket (Body)
  • Hellion Shoes (Feet)
  • Thetford Cape (Back)
  • Beef Stew (Food)
  • Poison Potion

The main focus of this build is to use the first ability of your weapon called the Assasin’s Spirit to gain an advantage. Every time you use this ability, it will get stacked and provide you with increased damage and defence. You will need to use this ability before you decide to engage and attack your opponents.

After you get fully stacked with this ability, you will be ready to face your enemy by dashing ahead and using the Ghost Strike ability of your weapon by pressing E. This will use all the charges stacked on your Assassin’s Spirit to deal a lot of magical damage to your opponents.

You also have the option to go invisible by using your boots or jacket. The key is to wait for the abilities to reset their cooldowns and then engage again. It can be a pretty powerful build even allowing you to one-shot your enemies.

By using the stacked Assasin’s Spirit ability with a good combo, chances are your opponent will be dead with just one or two strikes. This can be a very powerful build but mastering it might take some time and effort.

The main benefit of this build is that it can be very fun to play and deal some serious damage once you manage to master it.

4. The Cursed Skull Build

Items used in this build:

  • Cursed Skull  (Main hand/Off hand)
  • Specter Cowl (Head)
  • Mercenary Jacket (Body)
  • Royal Boots (Feet)
  • Martlock Cape (Back)
  • Beef Stew (Food)
  • Resistance Potion

The strategy used in this build is similar to the previous one as you will use the Cursed Skull to deal as much damage as possible over a period of time on the enemy.

In addition to it, you will also have the HP regeneration via the Mercenary Jacket and the Specter Cowl which has a really powerful ability.

This makes the build more powerful than the previous one. The Specter Cowl will reset your armour’s active ability which is a huge boost given that we are using the Mercenary Jacket making you almost invincible.

It will ensure that you can easily decrease a chunk of your enemy’s health while simultaneously getting your health healed thanks to the special ability.

This build can be very powerful if you use it correctly and it is easy to master if you manage the timing of your abilities.

5. The Claymore Cowl Build

Items used in this build:

  • Claymore (Mainhand /Offhand)
  • Fiend Cowl (Head)
  • Cleric Robe(Body)
  • Royal Boots (Feet)
  • Thetford Cape (Back)
  • Beef Stew (Food)
  • Poison Potion

This build can be an absolute beast and be very powerful as you will be equipped with a huge two-handed sword as your primary weapon. Just like the Deathgiver build, you will need to stack your abilities called the Heroic Strike that can be activated by pressing Q.

 Every time you stack your ability, your damage and movement speed will be increased for a short duration of time. This ability can be stacked upto 3 times and the simplest way is to use it on a mob near your enemy.

You can also destroy fragile objects like barrels, wooden boxes or crystals to stack your ability. After you manage to fully stack it, use the Charge Ability on your Claymore to attack the enemy. This will slide you directly towards the enemy causing plenty of damage with a short stun.

Once you have used your ability then use the large sword to engage with them. The Cleric Robe Ability will provide you with a shield in case the enemy decides to attack when your sword is up.

If your opponent decides to use a buff then you counter it by ending the buff with the Fiend Cowl. In case your opponent is scared to fight and starts running away then the ability of your Royal Boots will help you catch them easily.

 This build can be very strong especially in PvP as it can deal a lot of damage helping you defeat your opponents easily.

That’s it, these are some of the best builds if you are planning to play go Solo in Albion Online!