Albion Online: Best Build For Corrupted Dungeon

June 10, 2023
Use this build to dominate enemy mobs and players in the Corrupted Dungeon!

If you are a veteran player in Albion Online then you will be familiar with the Corrupted Dungeon which is a solo dungeon where you can farm infamy points and kill large mobs of enemies. It is a place where you can train yourself by invading others or defending yourself against the invader.

This guide will tell you about the best build to survive in Corrupted Dungeon

Best Build For Corrupted Dungeon

The name of this build is Spear Fear since Spear is the most powerful weapon in the game. You can easily strike your enemies from a distance by hitting them with your spear. The biggest advantage of this weapon is the high mobility and the strategy is kiting your opponents.

You can press Q1 to utilize Lunging Strike and poke your enemies. This will deal a significant amount of damage while hindering their movement speed. For each attack, you will be rewarded with a Spirit Spear Charge that can stack upto 3 times and this will help you a get significant bump in the damage as well as attack speed.

The Impaler can summon a formidable spear capable of inflicting immense burst damage while slowing down the enemy in their tracks.

To dash forward towards an enemy, you can use the Reckless Charge ability by pressing E and this will help you move quickly in that direction. It will also inflict damage based on the Spirit Spear charge and throw away any obstacle or enemy in your path. There are a total of three charges that can be utilized to deal maximum damage to your enemy.

For offence, you have the Cultist Cowl and the Thetford Cape while defence is mainly covered by Taproot, Leather Jacket, Plate Shoes, Roasted Puremist Snapper and some healing potions.

This build gives you some additional damage resistance, damage reflection, sustain and mobility. Use your Lunging Strike to stab your enemies and then wait for the Spirit Charges to fill up. To defend yourself from auto attacks and enemy spells, use D and R to sustain.

Here are all the items used in this build:

Off HandTaproot
HeadCultist Cowl
ChestLeather Jacket
ShoesPlate Shoes
CapeThetford Cape
FoodRoasted Puremist Snapper
PotionHealing potion

That’s it, now go ahead and use this build to conquer the corrupted dungeon!

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