Age Of Wonders 4: How To Build Outpost

Creating an outpost is important if you wish to find a new city using your hero in Age of Wonders 4. These outposts can also be used to claim resource nodes in a faraway region from your capital to gain some valuable resources.

This guide will tell you how to build outposts in Age of Wonders 4.

how to build outpost

In order to create an outpost in the game, you will first need to choose the province that the hero is currently located in.

 A button will now appear at the bottom of the panel that will allow you to build an outpost in the area. However, do note that you can only create an outpost if it is not located in the vicinity of another outpost or city.

Building an outpost can help you create a new province or a city in the area that you have constructed. By leading your hero army to the area, you can find a new city in the region and this process can take a few turns.

Just ensure that you don’t exceed the limit on the total number of cities otherwise you won’t be able to afford to create a new city.

Constructing an outpost will also allow you to lay claim to any important resource, magic material or even Ancient Wonders. These outposts can be further upgraded into a work camp or even a city if you want.

The best way is to drop these outposts on any valuable resource you come across in a faraway land which is present at a good distance from your city.

It not only helps you secure a particular resource but also allows you to claim anything around it. This can be a good strategy if you wish to lay claim around a territory to expand your empire and box in your opponents.

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