Age of Empires II: The Gurjaras

Published: 20 Apr 2022
Let’s check out the Grujaras Tribe in Age of Empires II.

Ride swift mounts across the fertile fields and open plains of western India and unleash diverse armies of sturdy warriors upon your enemies. The Gurjara unique units are the Shrivamsha Rider, a speedy cavalry unit that can dodge enemy attacks, and the Chakram Thrower, an infantry unit that unleashes volleys of deadly metal discs. This civilization focus on cavalry and camelry.

The Gurjaras also benefit from a variety of useful economic bonuses. They begin the game with two additional Forage Bushes near their Town Center. Gurjara Docks can be garrisoned by Fishing Ships, allowing theirs and those of their allies to take refuge when under attack.

In this guide, we will tell you about the bonuses, unique units, and techs of The Gurjaras in Age of Empires II!

Age of Empires II: The Gurjaras

Cavalry and Camel civilization

Civilization bonuses

  • Start with 2 Forage Bushes.
  • Can garrison Mills with livestock to produce food.
  • Mounted units deal +50% bonus damage.
  • Can garrison Docks with Fishing Ships.

Unique Units

  • Chakram Thrower – Gurjara unique infantry unit with a ranged melee attack. Strong vs. infantry. Weak vs. archers and siege weapons.
  • Shrivamsha Rider – Gurjara unique light cavalry unit which can dodge projectiles. Strong vs. archers. Weak vs. Pikemen and Camel Riders.
  • Camel Scout – Gurjara unique scout unit. Strong vs. Cavalry. Weak vs. Pikemen, Monks, and archers.
  • Armored Elephant – Anti-building cavalry unit. Resistant to most ranged attacks. Weak vs. melee units. Cannot be converted by Monks from distance.

Unique Techs

  • Kshatriyas – Military units cost -25% food.
  • Frontier Guards – Camel Riders and Elephant Archers +4 melee armor.

Team Bonus: Camel and elephant units created 25% faster