Age of Empires: How to Play on Mac

May 5, 2022
Let’s find out How to Play Age of Empires on Mac!

Age of Empires is one of the all-time strategy classic games. After so many years, Age of Empires came out with new editions for its fans. Because the game is available only for Windows OS, there are so many people who also want to play on a Mac computer, because not everyone has a Windows Computer.  But there are actually a few methods that can help you to play the game on your Mac.

In this guide, we will show you How to Play Age of Empires on Mac!

Age of Empires: How to Play on Mac

The Boot Camp method

This method is working only with those Macs that have Intel chips. Boot Camp is software that will help you to set up Windows on your Mac, allowing you to use Windows programs in addition to playing games.

  1. Download the installation file of Windows through the official webpage of Microsoft.
  2. You will need a flash drive with at least 5 GB of available space. Plugin the flash drive, and then disconnect all other external storage devices, and leave the flash drive connected to your Mac.
  3. Launch Boot Camp Assistant at spotlight search.
  4. Go on the boxes “Download the latest Windows support software for Apple” and “Install Windows”
  5. Choose where to locate your ISO file.
  6. Select the ISO file and choose your flash drive to start creating a bootable Windows drive.
  7. Choose how much space you’d like to reserve for Windows.
  8. Last step is where you choose your system and user preferences while the Windows get ready to boot in the background.

After the installation and setup are done, your Mac practically will be a Windows computer now, which means that now you can install different software and games that are not available for Mac.

Use a Virtual Machine

This software is making your Mac behave like a complete computer. You can run it in any type of operating system. It will be working from a completely different partition in your computer and will never interfere with your primary operating system on your device. Because the Age of Empires is not available for Mac, you have to install Windows operating system on a Virtual Machine to be able to play this game and all others that are not available on Mac.

Note: This software is only available for Macs with Intel chips.

  1. Install the Virtual Machine Software.
  2. Once you launch the Virtual Machine, you will be required to download and install Windows.
  3. Download the Windows Installation File.
  4. Setup your Windows installation.
  5. Once you install the Windows on the Virtual Machine, you will have an access to all the games and software, including Age of Empires to download and play.