Age Of Empires 3 vs 4

August 10, 2022
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Age of Empires is a popular real-time strategy game series published by Xbox Game Studios that puts players at the centre of historical battles that have changed the world. The fourth installment called Age of Empires IV was recently released and many players have been wondering about the changes it brings to the table when compared with its predecessor.

This guide will tell you all the differences between the Age of Empires III and IV.

Age Of Empires 3 vs 4

While the newer version certainly brings improvements in terms of graphics that make it more visually appealing, there are some major changes in terms of gameplay that will have a major impact on your playstyle.

1. Villagers now drop off their resources.

If you have played Age of Empires II then you will be familiar with this mechanic but if you haven’t then it’s important to know what it means.

This means that your villagers once they are done collecting resources will have to return those resources back to a particular type of building.

For example, villagers will return their food back to the mill or town centre and for gold, they use a mining camp.

It might seem like a small thing on the surface but it has a major impact on how you will play the game.

You need to consider where you will place those drop-off sites for your resources and it means that if you wish to go hunting across the map then it will be more difficult as you will need to invest in infrastructure to do it but if you are forced off that infrastructure then it will be a waste of resources.

2. Economic upgrades are now in drop-off buildings

Economic upgrades are no longer in the market but they are in the drop-off site.

In Age of Empires III, you are most likely to be used to dropping down in the market during the first age or the transition period, making upgrades like the Gang Saw to improve your gathering rate for the wood.

Unfortunately, this has been moved and it’s no longer in the market but instead available in the drop-off building itself.

This is something that you need to consider as the market plays a different role in Age of Empires IV as compared to III with regards to this aspect.

You can still trade resources in the market but it’s important to remember if you want to upgrade any of those gather rates for the resources then you will need to visit the drop-off building.

3. Military buildings no longer train in batches

Another change is that military buildings cannot be trained in batches instead you need to train them one by one which means constructing a lot more military production buildings as compared to the previous game.

Do note that there are exceptions to this as both the Mongols and the Holy Roman Empire have mechanics that enable them to train more than one unit at a time.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you are playing these civilizations, you can neglect your infrastructure as it’s very important especially as you head towards the late game where you will be spending a lot of time constructing military production buildings.

Your economy will be roughly the same as AoE III but because you are only training one military unit at a time, you will need more buildings to maintain the same level of military production that you might be used to.

For example, in the Fortress age, you might be used to one stable and one barracks in AoE III however you will need three stables, two archery ranges and three barracks in the newer game.

So do not underestimate the amount of infrastructure that you will require when you are on the battlefield.

4. All civilizations must construct landmarks to age up

All the civilizations in the AoE IV now age up in the same manner as the Indians, Japanese and Chinese do in the previous game.

This is done by placing a Wonder which is now called a landmark in the newer game.

While the landmark mechanic is the same as the wonder mechanic in the previous, there are still a few changes that you need to note.

For example, if you are playing the Indian civilization then you will be building the Agra Fort most of the time in AoE III which means that you can subsequently build one of the other wonders when you reach until you reach the Imperial Age.

You will be getting an option for each of those wonders as you progress through the game.

For example, if you wish to go to Age 5 with Agra Fort then you can do it and similarly, if you wish to progress to Age 3 with the Agra Fort then you can do that too.

However, it’s a bit different in AoE IV because as you reach Age 4 in the game, you will be given two options for every civilization when you are going up for the next age.

If you decide to go up with a certain wonder to the next age then you won’t have access to that wonder in the subsequent age after it since they do not roll over.

There is one exception to this trend and that is the Chinese civilization as they have the ability to make both landmarks available as options.

This means you can construct both of your age 2 landmarks as well as both of your age 3 landmarks.

5. Influence system requires thoughtful base building

This change means that you cannot place your building anywhere and you actually need to consider where you are going to place things.

The Influence system is a brand new system introduced in AoE IV and it basically means that each civilization has a unique influence system.

For example, when you are playing as The English civilization, your mills have an area of effect for farms around that mill.

Any farms that are built within the area of effect will receive a buff that affects their gather rate and if you construct a farm outside the radius of that influence then they will not be able to take advantage of that buff.

This is important when it comes to the base building as you not only understand the specifics of a particular influence bonus but also learn the best way to use it.

6. The Wonder victory condition is back

Age of Empires IV has a new victory condition called the Wonder victory and AoE II players are likely to be familiar with it.

This means that if you construct walls a lot of walls around your Wonder and go super defensive by protecting it for 15 minutes then you will win.

But the catch is that constructing wonders can be very expensive and these wonders are now called landmarks in AoE IV.

It is a very different and big building which makes it incredibly expensive as the cost can go high as 12000 resources and the moment you start constructing it, your enemies will be alerted about it.

If you are playing against the Chinese then you need to be very careful as they have a bonus for constructing buildings much faster and they might get into a race against you for constructing wonder.

For example, if you need 10 minutes to win with your wonder and your opponent needs the same amount of time and they get their wonder one second before you then you will be forced to attack them otherwise you will lose the game.

7. Trade Monopoly victory is now reworked to the sacred site victory

The Trade Monopoly victory in AoE III has now been reworked into the sacred site victory so instead of building your trading posts and trading posts sockets, you will need to send a single monk on the map to capture that sacred site.

Once you manage to capture a sacred site,it will start sending in gold for you and if you manage to get hold of all the sacred sites then you will need to defend them for 10 minutes to win the game.

Keep in mind that all you need to do to prevent your opponent from capturing those sacred sites is have a unit inside them.

Most players often try to put all of their villagers to protect the sacred site that is under attack from their enemy but forget the fact that you only need to keep one sacred site away from your opponent to prevent their sacred site victory.

That’s it, these are all the major changes between AoE III and IV.