Ads in Games. Really? Sonny Planning To Put Ads in Games

April 20, 2022
Is Sony planning to put ads in their games? – Check out this article to find out.

Sony is a large company that owns PlayStation. PlayStation is a gaming platform that offers a great variety of Free-To-Play games and also purchasable games that consumers can buy and enjoy on their consoles. Sony is planning to add ads on its gaming platform to begin earning more revenue.

Check out this article and see what Sony is trying to achieve by adding ads on their gaming platform.

Ads in Games. Really? Sonny Planning To Put Ads in Games

Sony has made a statement that placing ads in Free-To-Play games will encourage developers to stay motivated and continue to create more content.

This method will also increase the revenue that developers are making and it will also be good for the company itself.

Bigger gaming development companies are questioning this act if their bigger games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone or even Apex Legends will get ads. This may ruin the popularity of the game themselves because they are already popular and known.

The plan for adding advertisements is mainly meant for smaller games which may end up getting good monetization and an increase in their player base.