Across The Obelisk: Yogger The Big Bad Wolf Guide

September 5, 2022
Time to slay this big bad wolf to pieces!

During your journey in Across the Obelisk, you will encounter plenty of interesting enemies present on the different nodes of the map. One such enemy is the Big Bad Wolf who can be found on the first map.

This guide will tell you how to defeat the Yogger the Big Bad Wolf in the game.

Yogger The Big Bad Wolf Guide in Across The Obelisk

Yogger the Big Bad Wolf can be found at the Bandit Camp node in the Sementia Kingdom which is the first map.

Here you will be able to select either the [Combat] or [Run] and if you have Mangus in your team then you will unlock an additional dialogue option.

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You can see all the stats and cast cards above that the Wolf has at its dispersal.

During the first round, Yogger will start alone but he will soon call his minions to assist him during his first turn. You will be able to deal more damage early if your team is quicker than him.

Another thing that you need to watch out for is the Fresh Meat card as it has a lot of raw and damage and will target the hero with the lowest HP.

As a reward for killing Yogger, you will receive 240 gold, 240 shards, and 8 XP for your efforts.

Apart from that, you will also be able to choose items rewards from drops such as the Yogger’s Cleavers, Wolfskin Cloak and Brigand Armor.

That’s it,you have now successfully defeated Yogger the Big Bad Wolf and unlocked the Kill the boss: Yogger achievement on Steam!