Across The Obelisk: What Are Perks & Perk Points

August 24, 2022
Check out this guide to learn everything about perks in the game!

Across the Obelisk is a cooperative deck-building rogue-lite with RPG mechanics that players can either play solo or with their friends. You will need to unlock cards, create your own deck and face powerful opponents during your adventure.

This guide will tell you everything about Perks and Perk Points in the game.

What Are Perks & Perk Points in Across the Obelisk

Perks are points that will give you small bonuses such as Health, Initial Resources and Initial Energy as well as some other combat bonuses and they can be obtained by levelling up.

The perks that you gain while playing through the game are separate from any character experience and you can check the number of perks you have by going to the perk menu.

The bar at the top will show your current rank and also how close you are to reaching the next rank with the maximum rank being 50.

Perks will give you different bonuses in Across the Obelisk.

The perks that you wish to choose are based on your hero and usually, you should go with the perk that your hero applies. For example, if you have Gustav then he applies Mind and Insanity so you should go with those perks.

Bigger perks that should generally pick up are speed, energy and the perks that the heroes require for debuffs. For example, if you are using Mage then you should fire damage and fire buffs.

Similarly, if you are using Healer then you will need perks from the healing line.

That’s it, now go ahead and select the perks that are best for your hero!