Across The Obelisk: The Legendary Golden Sheep Quest (Golden Wool)

August 31, 2022
Time to hunt for this legendary Golden Sheep and collect her wool!

Across the Obelisk is a cooperative deck-building rogue-lite with RPG mechanics that players can either play solo or with their friends. You will need to unlock cards, create your own deck and face powerful opponents during your adventure.

This guide will tell you how to complete the Legendary Golden Sheep quest and get the Golden Wool.

The Legendary Golden Sheep Quest (Golden Wool) in Across The Obelisk

In order to start this quest, you will need to first find Betty and then return her to the owner in the Lost Sheep Quest.

Once you reach there, select the [Accept] option to ask for the Legendary Golden Sheep or [Bargain] to give 500 gold to the owner and keep Betty.

Choosing the Bargain option will unlock Betty if you don’t already have her and you will receive 120 XP as well as the location of the Golden Sheep

The owner will now tell you that he spotted the Golden Sheep on the grass hill behind the tower.

A notification will appear in the bottom left corner informing you that the Golden Sheep quest is now available.

To reach there, you will need to go past the Suspicious Hatch node on the map.

At the Golden Sheep quest, you will need to select either the [Ambush] or [Combat] dialogue options to start the fight.

During the fight, you will need to eliminate all the other sheep one by one until you reach the Golden Sheep.

You can find all the rewards for defeating the Golden Sheep above.

The Golden Wool will be also added as a quest item to your inventory.

The Golden Wool can be used as a bargain to pay for the boat in the North Pier instead of 1000 gold which is a lot of money for a boat. You will need to use the boat if you wish to unlock Malukah as it is the only route to reach her node.

That’s it, now go ahead and hunt the Golden Sheep to collect the Golden Wool and other rewards!