Across The Obelisk: Pet Unlock Guide

August 21, 2022
Learn how to unlock all the pets in Across the Obelisk!

Across the Obelisk is a cooperative deck-building rogue-lite with RPG mechanics that players can either play solo or with their friends. You will need to unlock cards, create your own deck and face powerful opponents during your adventure

This guide will tell you how to unlock different pets in the game.

Pet Unlock Guide

There are a total of 8 pets that you can unlock as you progress through the game and each one of them has its own characteristics.


There are 2 nodes where you can unlock Betty on the first map.

The 1st node is “The Lost Sheep” on the main road where you will get Betty only if it has a blue node and if it has a grey book then you won’t be able to find it.

Once you reach there, select the combat option to confront the sheep and return Betty to her owner.

After the combat is over, a new node with a question mark will appear on your map where you can visit Betty’s Home to return her.

Here you need to select the Murder option to kill the farmer and keep Betty for yourself.

2. Flamy

In order to unlock Flamy, you will need to visit the Suspicious Hatch-The Hatch node on the map.

You will get three dialogue options normally, four if you have Cornelius in your party.

Select the Enter option to jump on the hatch and break it.

Once you get inside the Hatch, go straight toward the end at the Summoning Ritual in the Summoning Circle node.

After the fight, select the “Hello..Old friend…we meet again” option if you have Cornelius in your team.

You will receive a scroll as a reward and then you can take the red portal to the mountains.

Select the Stone Table-Banquet node to get Flamy.

Choose the Accept option to use the scroll and release the Imps.

After fighting the cultists, you can then loot to open the chest and decide about Flamy.

You will get a chest that contains many rewards including Famy. Select Famy to unlock him in the game.

3. Lianta

In order to unlock Lianta, you need to visit the Spider Cave in the Spider Lair.

Select the Jump option to enter the cave together.

Choose the Narrow Gap option in the Dead Adventurer.

Here you can select the Enter option to take your chance or if you have Grukli in your party then you can select the 3rd option to let him tunnel through.

Open the mysterious cocoon during the next dialogue choice.

This will unlock Lianta and you can then add her to your party.

4. Mozzy

In order to unlock Mozzy, go to The Mosquito Nest node in the Marsh Deeps

Select the Steal option to dive into the swamp and steal the egg.

Next, use the red portals to get to the mountains and there you need to select the How to boil an egg node in Lava Cascade.

Select Continue and place the egg near Lava so it can hatch.

Mozzy will now get unlocked and you will be able to add him to your party.

5. Oculy

In order to unlock Oculy, visit the Aqueduct node and do note that since it is an uncommon event node it will not always be Aqueduct and might be something else for you.

Select the Accept option to take Oculy along with you.

This will unlock Oculy and then you can add him to your team.

6. Sharpy

In order to unlock Sharpy, you need to visit the Velcroth Mountains before you go to the Marsh.

You need to select the Harpy Nest node at the top left corner.

Here you will need to fight the Harpy mini-boss by selecting the Combat option.

After you defeat the Matriarch, you need to select the Loot option to look for items inside the nest.

Choose any rewards of your liking and you will receive a Harpy egg for your efforts.

Next, you need to proceed to the Velkarath Obelisk and you will need 800 gold before you continue further.

Now you need to head over to this mysterious altar in the middle of the map.

You will need the 800 gold to pay for the boat to reach there.

Enter the node and select the Continue option to place the Harpy egg near the Altar.

This will unlock Sharpy and you will be able to make him a part of your team.

7. Stormy

In order to find Stormy, you need to complete a few nodes near the green portal in the Marsh.

First, select the empty village node in the Eastern Village area.

Select the Look option to find anything interesting in the area.

You will receive some Naga Notes from the area.

Now take these notes to the Naga Mural in the top left corner of the map.

Select the read option to decipher the mural with the help of the notes.

This will unlock Stormy and you will be able to add him to your team.

8. Slimy

Last but not least is Slimy who can be found near the green portal on the Marsh.

Make sure that you have atleast 400 gold and then head into the lizardmen tribe in the Western Village.

Here you will need to buy the homemade slime bait for 400 gold to lure Slimy. You can also purchase a hammer and nails for 600 gold.

Next head over to the broken boat near the Shore.

Here you can repair the boat with the hammer that you just purchased.

This will create a bridge allowing you to proceed to the next node which is “A tough choice” node.

After you enter the Spider Cave, head to the Slimes on the bridge node in the corner.

Throw the Slime bait away to lure the slimes.

This will unlock Slimy and you can then add him to your party.

That’s it, these are all the pets that you can unlock in the game!