Across The Obelisk: Ignidoh The Elemental Lord Boss Guide

September 5, 2022
Time to defeat this fire elemental boss!

During your journey in Across the Obelisk, you will encounter plenty of different types of bosses in various nodes on the map. One such boss is Ignidoh the Elemental Lord and defeating him will require you to follow a proper strategy.

This guide will tell you how to defeat Ignidoh the Elemental Lord in the game.

Ignidoh The Elemental Lord Boss Guide in Across The Obelisk

In order to find Ignidoh the Elemental Lord, you will need to visit the Lava Lake Elemental Lord node in Velkarath Mountains on the red portal of the map.

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Here you can choose to either [Rest] or head straight into [Combat] depending on your preferences.

Selecting [Combat] will give you a small movement bonus whereas [Rest] will provide you with 40% extra health as long as you pass the skill check.

The best tip to win the battle is to kill the Magma Spikes right away if you can. These Magma Spikes are his minions who have 1 health but have 20 blocks and a shield along with a fortify.

If you don’t choose to kill him in the beginning and he will have 40 blocks instead of 20 in the next round.Ignidoh will also summon Magma spikes after every 2 turns so they will pile up if you don’t deal with them right away.

The next tip is to use Ash because when Ignidoh plays the Ash Storm Card, it will add 2 Ash to all of your heroes. This will apply a burn debuff on your team but if you don’t use it then you always draw it which will reduce the other useful cards on your deck.

Another thing that you should beware of is the Meteor Showers as they are really powerful and Ignidoh will try to use this card to kill an unlucky random hero on your team. You can use insulate to reduce the damage of this card.

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You can check out all of his skill cards and stats above so you know what to expect during the fight.

As a reward for defeating him, you will receive 300 gold, 300 shards, and 36 XP for your efforts.

The following are the Item rewards which he will drop after the fight and Ignidoh has some pretty interesting items such as the Volcanic Axe, Lava Crystals and Ignidoh’s Core.

That’s it, you have successfully defeated Ignidoh and unlocked the Kill the Boss: Ignidoh achievement on Steam!