Across The Obelisk: How To Unlock Chompy, Champy & Chumpy

August 19, 2022
Time to unlock Champy, Chompy and Chumpy in Across the Obelisk!

Across the Obelisk is a cooperative deck-building rogue-lite with RPG mechanics that players can either play solo or with their friends. You will need to unlock cards, create your own deck and face powerful opponents during your adventure.

This guide will tell you how to unlock Champy, Chompy and Chumpy in the game.

How to Unlock Chompy, Champy & Chumpy

Champy gives frost resistance and slashing resistance at every 2 turns while casting Palisade which gives blocks and thorns to everyone on the team.

Chumpy gives frost and lightning resistance at every 2 turns while casting downpour which applies free wet to all characters.

Chompy provides frost and slashing resistance at every 2 turns while putting a carp in your hand.

Unlocking all three of these pets is the same method as you need to perform this run three times to obtain all of them.

Explore Cabin Caves to unlock some mysterious characters.

To start, you need to complete Act 1 as normal until you reach the red portal and then navigate to the Goblin Caves.

When you reach the Goblin Caves, select the combat option to kill all the Goblins and loot the camp.

After you manage to defeat the Goblins, a small log will be added to your inventory.

Now complete the red zone as normal and then continue to the blue portal.

Do note that you will need at least 1000 gold to pay for the boat and complete the pet quest.

In the blue zone, navigate to the harbour and pay money for the ship ride.

When you reach the island, select the combat option to defeat all the beavers.

After the fight is complete, select Fro and then choose the pet that you wish to unlock. Hover over each of the available options to see which pet it unlocks.

That’s it, you have successfully managed to unlock all the three pets in the game!