Across The Obelisk: How To Get The “Generous” Achievement

September 5, 2022
Check out this guide to unlock the Generous achievement in the game!

Just like every other game out there, Across the Obelisk offers plenty of rewards and achievements to players as they progress further in the game. One of them is the Generous achievement that you unlock by helping an NPC on one of the nodes on the map.

In this guide you can find How to get the Generous achievement in Across the Obelisk.

How to Get The “Generous” Achievement in Across The Obelisk

The Generous Achievement can be unlocked after you reach the Faeborg Forest via the blue portal on the map.

There you will meet 2 beggars at the gates of the Gateway node.

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During this common event, the beggars will tell you about their story and ask for help and you have plenty of options to help them.

If you choose to give them 200 gold each for food then the female elf will tell you about a secret place in the armoury to get some loot.

However, if you decide to give them 800 gold each to help them for the ship ride and the male elf will also tell you about his hidden stash on the Mansion node apart from the loot in the armoury.

Selecting the 800 gold for each option will unlock the Generous Achievement on Steam. That’s it, now go ahead and help those beggars to get that achievement!