Across The Obelisk: Faeborg The Frost Calamity Boss Guide

September 5, 2022
Time to defeat the Frost Dragon!

During your adventure in Across the Obelisk, you will encounter plenty of enemies and bosses such as Faeborg the Forst Calamity. He is the final boss that you will face in Faeborg Castle and you will need a proper strategy in order to defeat him.

In this guide you can find how to defeat Faeborg the Frost Calamity Boss in Across The Obelisk!

Faeborg The Frost Calamity Boss Guide in Across The Obelisk

Faeborg can be found at the Frost Calamity node in the Palace which can be accessed by going to Faeborg Castle via the blue portal on the map.

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Here you will be able to select either [Combat] or [Rest] on this node.

If you have a Magic Torch while visiting him then you will be able to unlock an additional dialogue about resting but without the skill check.

During the combat, do not cast all your buffs in the 1st round and 2nd round until he cast his Magic Devour card from his deck.

You can see all the cast cards that Faeborg has at its dispersal so you know what to expect.

If you are not careful then he can steal all of your buffs and he can get 40+ thorns after killing your heroes.

He will use the Ice Prison regularly to target your middle heroes which are usually your DPS. You also need to remove his stacks of debuff chills. Make sure to bring your insulation cards and beware of the blizzard and frost breath combo as it can wipe out your entire team if you get a lot of chills.

After you defeat Faeborg, you will receive 150 gold, 150 shards, and 36 XP for your efforts.

These are the item rewards that you can select from Faeborg’s drop such as the Faeborg Scale, Frozen Tear and Freezing Ink.

That’s it, you have successfully defeated Faeborg and unlocked the Kill the boss: Faeborg achievement on Steam!