Across the Obelisk: Erekhal – Boss Fight

Erkhal is a boss situated in the Cultist temple of Velkarath Mountains, proven to be a somewhat difficult boss to fight since he has move combos which can wipe out a player in mere seconds, but fear not because we have compiled a guide to help you defeat this cultist and probably even give back the staff to the wandering old man.

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Across the Obelisk: Erekhal – Boss Fight

To Start the boss fight you will need to travel to the cultist temple situated on the very east side of Velkarath Mountains, if you approach the temple while doing the wandering old man questline you will have no other option but to fight the cultists.

After you converse with them they will spring into action ready to take you down.

Erkhal is very resistant to Fire but is very vulnerable to Cold and Slashing, so we could use that information to our advantage.

Beware of Heat transfer and Fan the Flames combo. He stacks a LOT of burn on himself then apply it to your slowest hero using Heat Transfer then doubles it with Fan the Flames. Make sure to bring a card to dispel the burn.

After defeating him you get big item rewards and a honorable boon and if you happen to be fighting Erkhal whilst doing the Wandering Old Man Quest after beating Erkhal you automatically unlock Cornelius.

And that is how you beat Erkhal, a difficult boss but with the right equipment can be easily dealt with.

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