Across The Obelisk: Character Unlock Guide

Across the Obelisk is a coop RPG deckbuilding game where you can play solo or with your friends, choose your heroes, and unlock items and cards. There are plenty of characters with their own specific abilities that represent different play styles. If you want to unlock the best characters, you can find it out here in our article.

This guide will show you everything about Character Unlock in Across the Obelisk.

Character Unlock Guide

There are plenty of Characters to unlock in the game and in the text below you can find all of them.


In order to unlock Heiner, you need to go to his event and talk to him with any character. After that, go to the red portal after completing Act 1 and it will give you an option to go to the Black Forge.

Make sure to choose the option where everybody can get burned, so you automatically go into the Black Forge. There you will have to do a fight with few Golems, and once you defeat them, you will unlock Heier.


To unlock Grukli, you need to head to the Fishing contest, the common event, where you have to grab Big Fish that can be caught in Senenthia Lake.

If you have unlocked the stools already, you can automatically grab the fish without having to perform a skill check.

There is also a Horseshoe item that you need to look out for because it will give a character a 100% success rate.


Bree is the final warrior class. It can be found in the blue area and her quest is probably one of the hardest to do. It might also require to beat the game before you are able to unlock it.

You just have to go and talk to her and start fighting all your way up to Act 4. In Act 4 you will have to follow the path going to the second floor where you have to plant the seed and obtain the Green Lock which will unlock Bree.


Thuls is an assassin’s poison specialist and you can talk to him at the Water Mill on top of the map. Then you need to head to the green portal after you get the chance once the act is gone.

After that, you need to go to the Spider Lair in the spider cave where you have to defeat the boss in order to unlock Thuls.


Sylvie is a pretty easy character to unlock. All you need to do is to obtain an item for her quest which is the Moonstone at the Forest Glade.

When you go through the Forest Glade, you have to attack the Moon Ritual and make sure after you defeat the boss there, have to wait until the Moon stands cold and get the Gemstone that has to be given to Sylvie’s node in the blue zone.

Green Area is full with mysterious events that will unlock plenty of Characters


In order to unlock Gustav, you need to save 600 gold after leaving the green zone Act 2 area.

Once you get to the green zone, you need to head to the Boat Pier at the bottom of the map and pay 600 gold to ride the boat and then you will be able to reach Gustav.

He will tell you that his loot was stolen, and he will ask you to go to the Maniac Mansion in Act 3, the blue area where you need to clear the event.

Once it is all done, you will unlock Gustav.


He can be found in the Red Pool Act. Once you reach him, he will ask you to look for a book for him. For the book, you have to wait until act 4, which means he is one of the later characters that you can unlock.

To unlock him, you have to go to the Library, on top of the map, and once you find the ancient knowledge there for the quest, you will unlock Wilbur.


Zek is a magic character who might be a hard one to unlock since you don’t know where to go.

The key to unlock Zek is in Act 1 where you will get a crave event. You need to go and dig at the grave where you will find a key, and then give the key to him in act 2, or act 3 Blue zone.

Once you give him the key, you will unlock Zek.


Ottis is a defensive healer and is pretty easy to unlock.

All you need to do is go to his chapel and talk to him. After the talk you have to go to the boss event where he will send you at the Bandit Camp.

Once you defeat the boos, you will be able to unlock Ottis.


Malukah is a voodoo witch, experienced in dark magic, curses and regenerative powers.

In order to unlock her, you need to enter the Suspicious Hatch node in Act 1. There you will have to clear the mini-dungeon and Fight Belphyor at the end.

Once you clear Act 1, proceed through the Greenish Portal. After that you will be required to buy a boat from her shop, and also give her Belphyor’s Horn that you obtained from the boss.

Make sure to have 1000 gold because that is the cost for the boat.

After all this, you will be able to unlock Malukah.


Nezglekt is a healing Prophet, with mental powers and second sight.

In order to unlock him, you need to visit The Stargazer at Riverside Camp in Act 1 and take either divination.

Once you clear Act 1, proceed through the Reddish Portal and then take the middle path to the Campsite. You need to agree to carry the item until Act 4.  

In act 4, make sure to follow the bottom path to the Airship where you will be able to unlock Nezglekt.

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