About Us

Riseupgamer mission was simple: Create something which resonates to every hardcore gamer out there.

With games being more and more complex with new-age mechanics and highly complicated quests, missions, tasks, and similar objectives, players might run into a lot of road blocks, or tip-toe to find a way to complete the objective in question.

Why RiseUpGamer?

For that purpose, and that purpose only, RiseUpGamer was born. We wanted it to be a go-to place for straight to the point and factual gaming information, with the utmost respect for the readers.

RiseUpGamer focuses mostly on guides, walkthroughs, fixes, bugs, news, and reviews. While we do some news pieces and some reviews from time to time, our team members mostly focus on content which is helpful, and can get our fellow gamer out of a pickle.

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Our Team

Borut Udovic

With over 8 years of experience in the gaming industry, Borut is an expert in the ins and outs of various games. He not only has a deep passion for popular games like CS:GO, but also has a strong affinity for classic titles like Age of Empires and Command and Conquer!

Open To New Possibilities, Experiences & Relationships

While the RiseUpGamer team is small and works as a well-oiled machine, that doesn’t mean that we are not looking to expand, build business relationships, and try new experiences, so long as it improves our readers’ experience.

Whatever we’re doing is to the benefit to our loyal viewership, and we’re always open for new possibilities to improve reader-experience.