A Plague Tale Requiem: How To Open The Door In Chapter 11

October 20, 2022
Let nothing stop you in A Plague Tale Requiem!

A Plague Tale Requiem continues on Amicia’s journey to look for a cure for her brother Hugo. In Chapter 11 their journey will eventually bring them to some heavily barricaded ruins. They are temporarily stopped by a large metal door. It is a puzzle that can be solved by Amicia with the help of her companions. With them by her side, not even this door can stop their journey.

Here’s how to open the door in Chapter 11.

How To Open The Door In Chapter 11 – A Plague Tale Requiem

In Chapter 11 The Cradle of Centuries Subchapter: Aelia, Amicia and her companions will be blocked by a huge door with 4 metal barricades.

To get through this door, you will have to ask Sophia and Hugo to pull some levers while Amicia interacts with other things.

First you will have to ask Sophia to lift a metal door to your left so that you can take out a wooden cart.

Then you can ask Sophia to interact with the lever to the left side of the door, this will expose a lever that you can tie to the wooden cart with your rope and crossbow. Doing so will remove 2 of the 4 barricades.

Next you can ask Sophia to interact with the lever to the right of the door while you can have Hugo interact with another lever to the right.

This will remove the remaining barricades and have a rotating lever come out of the ground. This is what will finally open the door.

With Hugo still holding on to the second lever, Sophia will be free to assist Amicia with the rotating lever. Interact with it until the door is open.

Once it is fully open, everyone will finally be free to walk around and continue through the door.