A Plague Tale Requiem: How To Get The Secret Armor (Faster Recovery Speed)

October 19, 2022
Get the secret bracer armor by following this guide!

In Chapter 9 of A Plague Tale: Requiem hides perhaps the best secret item you can acquire in the game. It is a bracer armor that Amicia can equip to make encounters much easier. That being said, actually acquiring this secret bracer armor can be quite a challenge as you would have to solve a complex puzzle concerning Windmills.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to solve that particular Windmill puzzle and how you get your hands on the secret bracer armor.

How To Get The Secret Armor (Faster Recovery Speed) – A Plague Tale Requiem

In the game’s Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations/ Sub Chapter: Exploration, you’d soon see a section where you would have to decide whether to go left or right upward the stone stairs. Take the stairs on the right.

Atop the stairs, you should see several windmills. To get to the location where the secret armor is hiding, you would have to turn off windmills 1&2 while turning on windmills 3&4.

Go inside the first windmill through the door and interact with the crank that Hugo will point out. This will make Amicia push it, stopping the windmill.

You’d have to do the same with the second windmill. However, actually entering it isn’t as straightforward as the first one.

To get inside the second windmill, you’d have to pull the rope attached to the obstacles blocking its open entryway. Just head over to the end of the rope and interact with it. Once the opening is clear, climb up to enter the windmill.

Interact with the crank to stop the windmill and head outside through the door. All you need to do now is to get windmills 3&4 running.

After coming out of the second windmill, you’d notice that windmill 3 is already running by default. This means that you only need to switch on the fourth one and the puzzle is done.

You will find windmill 4 at the far end of the third one. Once again, entering it requires a bit of effort. The door is closed shut so you’d have to make a detour.

On the back of the fourth windmill is some scaffolding.

Next to it is a wagon with a crawlspace underneath. Go through it and climb the stairs.

Up there, you’d see a small window where you can shoot at the door to make it accessible. Aim at the doorknob and sling a rock in it.

After that, just drop down the scaffolding to your left and enter the windmill using the door. Just like before, use the crank. This time this will start the windmill instead of stopping it.

After doing so, your companions should notify you that something moved nearby. This signals that the puzzle is solved and the path to the cave has opened.

To get to the cave, go back to the first windmill.

On the back of it is a pathway indicated by small rock arches on the grass.

Go through them and soon you’d see a cave that has a ladder that you can use to go down.

The cave has a linear path so just head deeper into the cave.

After going down the long and spiral stone stairs you’d see a wooden platform. Go to the next cave opening using it.

There lies the treasure you are looking for and then some.

Interact with the bracer in the very middle of the room to get the secret bracer armor.

The bracer will let Amicia recover faster from enemy attacks.