A Plague Tale Requiem: How To Free Sophia’s Boat In Chapter 7

October 20, 2022
Help your new ally Sophia in A Plague Tale Requiem!

A Plague Tale Requiem continues on Amicia’s journey to look for a cure for her brother Hugo. This gripping story will take them to far-off lands and meet new people. In Chapter 7, Amicia teams up with Arnaud and Sophia to get a boat so that she can take Hugo to an island where the cure might be found. But there are some problems with the boat before it can launch.

Here is how to free Sophia’s Boat in Chapter 7!

How To Free Sophia’s Boat In Chapter 7 – A Plague Tale Requiem

In Chapter 7: Felons, Amicia will have to cooperate with Sophia and Arnaud to get Sophia’s ship into the water.

Sophia orders you to lift the anchor with Arnaud by turning a crank, but it will become stuck on a chain.

To remove the chain, you will have to go to the other side and turn another wheel. The only problem is that there are rats in your path.

Luckily, there is a fish you can shoot and drop to distract the rats making it safe to cross

Once on the other side, you can have Arnaud turn the wheel to expose the chain’s weak spot and hit it with your slingshot, this will break the chain loose and free the anchor.

Now you can return on Sophia’s boat and fully lift the anchor.

Next Sophia will ask you to hoist the mainsails. Head to the right side of the back of the ship and have Amicia pull the sails up.

Unfortunately, the sail will be tied up on the right side and will not be deployed. It’s the final obstruction to getting the ship free.

Get off the boat and onto the pier on the right, from there you can visibly see what’s obstructing the sails. Take out your slingshot and shoot at it to set it free.

That will finally set Sophia’s boat into the water and they can continue on their ocean voyage!