A Plague Tale Requiem: How To Disable Depth Of Field

October 20, 2022
Adjust your depth of field for a better experience in A Plague Tale Requiem!

In games, depth of field is the effect of blurring things in the background. People have mixed opinions on the matter. A Plague Tale Requiem does not have the in-game option to disable it, however there is a method to turn it off. If you are someone who does not like the depth of field effect then take a look at the guide down below.

Here’s how to disable depth of field in A Plague Tale Requiem.

How To Disable Depth Of Field – A Plague Tale Requiem

We will have to edit the game’s files ourselves. First you will have to fiind the game’s folder, it should be located at: C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\My Games\A Plague Tale Requiem

In that folder, look for a file called “ENGINE SETTINGS” and right-click it. Click “Open with” and choose any text editor such as Notepad.

The ENGINSETTINGS file contains all of the game settings. Opening it with a text editor allows us to edit some game settings not accessible inside the game. Scroll down and look for DOF.

Change the value next to it from 1 to 0. So it should be “Enabled 0”. This will disabled depth of field. If you ever want to enable it again in the future, simply revert the value back to a 1.

You can now reboot A Plague Tale Requiem and enjoy a better experience!